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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account?

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Never Checked Yahoo! Mail Account

[I] didn't want the account anymore. Never check it, so don't need it.
—Guest zach

Account Compromised

I never use Yahoo except for the "Ask" feature or occasionally YM. But my account was broken into, and spam was sent through my e-mail - several friends & family with Yahoo accounts said the same thing happened to them — Yahoo security is for the birds.
—Guest Detroit girl

Spam! Inactive.

There was too much spam. I had like 10 spam messages a day. I also like Gmail better, I get like 5 spam max a MONTH. And I didn't use [my Yahoo! Mail account] anyway. Also, for years, once I sent messages from it, they never get to the person at all.
—Guest cat

Too Many Strange People

[I quit Yahoo! Mail] because too many strange people [have been] disturbing me in this social networking.
—Guest norilyn b jeon

Too Dangerous

I quit [Yahoo! Mail] because it is to dangerous for me, and I don't want it anymore.
—Guest sayagi

Account hacked

My account was hacked, and my address was being used to send spam to all of my contacts.
—Guest Adam

Forced Upgrade

[Yahoo] forced me to upgrade to the "new" Yahoo mail. I didn't want it, and to read my mail [they] gave me no other option. You bite.
—Guest denbrebre

Unwanted Yahoo messages from Messenger

Even though I have my Messenger account set to only receive messages from my contacts, I'm getting spammed like crazy and it keeps popping up. Done. Gone...
—Guest Jezah

Sending Spam E-Mails

i am sending spam, and Yahoo will not let me change my password.
—Guest mike


[I quit Yahoo! Mail] because [the] new Yahoo does not automatically delete spam like the old one, now it holds it for a week, in the past all spam would immediately be deleted, now you have to delete it yourself.
—Guest jrnunez42@yahoo.com

Don't Need Two Accounts

I want to delete my account because I already have one, and I do not need two.
—Guest lauren holmsley

Cannot Get In

I am considering quitting because I cannot find my password and have repeatedly tried using the last one that I had and cannot get in. I wanted to share my Contacts and pics with Gmail but can't export the above to them. Exhausted from trying.
—Guest sheila hausmann

Never Used Secondary Yahoo! Mail Account

I already have a Yahoo mail account that I have been using for years. I opened a new one to due to my job. I never used it.
—Guest Layea

Someone hacked my Yahoo email address

Damn! Someone hacked my Yahoo email address and my Facebook through it. So I have a quite [a bit] of stress if you know what I mean.
—Guest sickonion

Too Much Mail

I did not want all that email overnight. I do my email once in a while, but too much is too much. When I receive over 4000 to 5000 every night.
—Guest leffie m. powell

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Why Did You Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account?

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