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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account?

Responses: 492


Not very secure

I did try all the security tools available and still my account was hijacked; unwanted spam and emails were sent from my acc. Also, I got lots of spam daily.
—Guest Carla

E-mail Tampering

There has been a large amount of e-mail tampering thru my e-mail account with Yahoo. This has also sent out unwanted e-mail to all and every one on my personal contact list.
—Guest demetrius snider


Some type of virus infected my contacts address book and all types of sexual website addresses (to be linked to) were being sent to my friends/relatives/business contacts as if being sent by me. This was reason enough for me to delete this address.
—Guest J Rodgers

I quit and moved to AOL

I don't like the new beta mail. When I tried to log into it, I was told on the screen that I had to set my screen resolution to a certain amount, and when I did, it messed up all the icons & games on my pc. So I went back to the old mail a few times to try and empty out my folders. I am done! I am not changing the resolution for this, I have gone to AOL
—Guest Star

Locked Out with No Way In

[I quit] because locked out, [I] could not get back in. [Yahoo! Mail] would not accept security question answer. This happened several times, and [I was] unable to contact anyone at Yahoo. Very, very frustrating. Gave up.
—Guest mjsullivan

I sense a hacker.

My account is being interfered with. I recently changed my password. This has nothing to do with it. I sense a hacker.


No Longer need an account. I have set up a new one. Someone hacked into this one.
—Guest turtle_blm7@yahoo.com


[My] account was hacked and kept sending messages to people that didn't need to know how to make more money! I even deleted all of the addresses on my address book! But guess what?! It was on my smart phone and kept finding those accounts!
—Guest BelindaFleming66


I, like many others, am quitting Yahoo! Mail because of hacking and spam mail.
—Guest Moving On

Using Gmail; Problems with Facebook

[I] close my yahoo account, because I am already having my Gmail account, and two days back only I made this email id, and now it is creating a problem in my Facebook account, so I want to close it.
—Guest gideon masih

Too too... boring!

I hate all the extra stuff displayed on the Yahoo homepage. I am [t]here to check mail not news. So only Gmail for me.
—Guest Guest

Contacts Are Getting Spam

I do not use this any longer, and my contacts are getting spam.
—Guest imcrazyshort

Not Feeling Secure

i want to delete [my Yahoo! Mail account] because I am not feeling secured.
—Guest mohua


I quit [my] Yahoo Mail account because my email [has been] attacked [by] spamming mail.
—Guest mr4zie


[I closed my account] because someone hacked it, and someone is sending out emails I haven't sent out, also getting strange spam letters.
—Guest Kerlissalefeged

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