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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account?

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I loved yahoo but I have seen that hackers have become more powerful in it. They hacked my mail box last month, October 2011, changed my password and used it to ask people for money. I could no more have access to it. When, finally, I entered the response to the secreet questions and changed my pass word, Yahoo gave me a new emailbox meaning that I have lost all my precious documents, even in the new box I can only send out message but do not receive. People inform me by telephone of documents sent to me, but I do not receive them. What else can I do if not to quit Yahoo? But if Yahoo can help me recover my mail box, I will be happy to go back to Yahoo.
—Guest oguerege John


Someone hacked into my account and sent terrible emails to all of my contacts.
—Guest Ashley

No Longe Have the Time

No longer want Yahoo Mail. No longer have enough time for this. Am to busy and want my computer for business only.
—Guest donaldstanton48@yahoo.com

Lost Personal Information

Too many people have my info, and I lost my personal information.
—Guest myshiek


Got hacked too many times within a few months, and my Facebook got hacked through that. Yahoo security sucks!
—Guest Jas

Yahoo Closed My Account

Found out this morning [Yahoo! Mail] shut down my account. Why? No e-mail saying [they] where going to close. [I] had a lot of work to do — now no email. [I'm] very upset with [their] system. Will [they] erase all my information since my account is closed? I pray not. It is all my work.
—Guest june parker

Never Checked Yahoo! Mail Account

[I] didn't want the account anymore. Never check it, so don't need it.
—Guest zach

Account Compromised

I never use Yahoo except for the "Ask" feature or occasionally YM. But my account was broken into, and spam was sent through my e-mail - several friends & family with Yahoo accounts said the same thing happened to them — Yahoo security is for the birds.
—Guest Detroit girl

Spam! Inactive.

There was too much spam. I had like 10 spam messages a day. I also like Gmail better, I get like 5 spam max a MONTH. And I didn't use [my Yahoo! Mail account] anyway. Also, for years, once I sent messages from it, they never get to the person at all.
—Guest cat

Too Many Strange People

[I quit Yahoo! Mail] because too many strange people [have been] disturbing me in this social networking.
—Guest norilyn b jeon

Too Dangerous

I quit [Yahoo! Mail] because it is to dangerous for me, and I don't want it anymore.
—Guest sayagi

Account hacked

My account was hacked, and my address was being used to send spam to all of my contacts.
—Guest Adam

Forced Upgrade

[Yahoo] forced me to upgrade to the "new" Yahoo mail. I didn't want it, and to read my mail [they] gave me no other option. You bite.
—Guest denbrebre

Unwanted Yahoo messages from Messenger

Even though I have my Messenger account set to only receive messages from my contacts, I'm getting spammed like crazy and it keeps popping up. Done. Gone...
—Guest Jezah

Sending Spam E-Mails

i am sending spam, and Yahoo will not let me change my password.
—Guest mike

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Why Did You Close Your Yahoo! Mail Account?

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