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How to Get Email Translations Right in Yandex.Mail

Is it spam or an auto-reply? In Yandex.Mail, you can get email translated in an instant to find out. The same engine will also translate what you write, of course, into any supported language.

How to Report an iCloud Mail Bug or Issue

iCloud Mail does not work right at icloud.com or in your email program? Find out here where and how to report the problem to Apple.

How to Tag an Outgoing Email in MailMate

Want to make sure emails you send are as easy to find as those you tag when they come in? In MailMate, you do not have to apply tags to sent messages in "Sent Messages"; you can tag the as-yet unsent messages comfortably and efficiently as you compose them.

How to Set Up Yandex.Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird as an IMAP Account

Want to send mail using your Yandex.Mail account from Mozilla Thunderbird, receive messages, access folders you have set up and have actions you take synchronize? Find out here what steps to take and what settings to use for adding Yandex.Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP.

How to Save an Email as a Template in Yandex.Mail

Why, again and again, type the same or just about identical an email when you can compose a basic version once and save it as a template? In Yandex.Mail creating such a boilerplate is easy, and you can re-use not only the text but also other aspects of the message such as Bcc: recipients, the subject or even files attached.

How to Change Your Default Sending Email Address in Yandex.Mail

Find yourself changing the address used in the "From:" line for sending every time you start composing a new message in Yandex.Mail? You can change the default instead, and have Yandex.Mail use a different address you have set up for sending in Yandex.Mail as the preset.

How to Revoke an Application Password for Gmail (Using 2-Step Verification)

When you enabled 2-step authentication for your Gmail account, you also created passwords for all the email clients you know? An IMAP filter to which you handed an application-specific Gmail password looks increasingly suspicious to you? Find out here how easy it is to revoke such app passwords in Gmail and block email clients and utilities from accessing your account further.

How to Get a Password to Access Gmail By POP or IMAP

Want to enable 2-step authentication to keep your Gmail account secure and still allow an email program to access it via IMAP or POP using but a password? Find out here how to create application-specific Gmail passwords—hard to guess and easily revoked at any time.

How to Allow Email Programs Access to Gmail (Basic Password Authentication)

Is your email program telling you it cannot connect to Gmail—and all the settings are correct, as far as you can tell? "Basic Authentication" may be turned off. Find out here how to enable basic authentication and allow access from desktop email programs using IMAP or POP to connect to Gmail.

How to Delete a Label from Yandex.Mail

It feels good to clean up and to have cleaned. In Yandex.Mail, you may have labels lingering that are no longer and never again will be tacked onto any emails, labels that once seemed a good idea, or labels that just irk you, you can clean them up easily. Not only will the label be gone from the interface for adding to messages, it will also be deleted, of course, from all messages which carried it.

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