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How to Find Out Which IP Addresses Logged In to Your SaneBox Account

Thursday April 17, 2014

Your laptop and your cell phone and your TV and your partner's internet radio and their tablet and your kid's gaming console and your friend's phone and your thermostat all have distinct IP addresses at your home.
My laptop and cell phone and TV and tablet at my home, chances are, occupy the same distinct IP addresses. Still, you should be able to tell whether it was you using your partner's or me using my tablet that logged on to your SaneBox account Sunday morning. NAT (network address translation) makes that possible, together with SaneBox listing the (public) IP addresses:
›› SaneBox will list the IP addresses from which you—or somebody using your log-in details—logged in. You can map the addresses to world locations and spot oddities.

How to Ignore a Thread in Mozilla Thunderbird

Wednesday April 16, 2014

The Montgolfier brothers, Joseph-Michel and Jaques-Ιtienne, flew a hot balloon of air. Everybody knows that. Largely ignored are, alas, Joseph-Michel's contributions to the incalculably useful hydraulic ram.
Oh, well. You are not among the ignorers, of course; you have threads instead to ignore in Mozilla Thunderbird:
›› Want to unsubscribe not from entire mailing lists but just from obnoxious threads? Wish you could avoid announcements about conversations on which you are carbon-copied but in which you are not interested (as well as the conversations themselves)? In Mozilla Thunderbird, you can ignore threads and sub-threads without throwing out the messages or lists entirely.

How to Set Up and Rearrange Folder Shortcuts in iOS Mail

Sunday April 13, 2014

The shoots underground to a bird—a finch or some such, I think—are a pasture. Better dig them up right away and swallow quickly with sauce the sparrow-grass.
"Sparrowgrass" is, of course, a neat way to rearrange the sounds and letters in "asparagus" (or "sparagus") to better resemble other words in the language. Sparrowgrass was popular through the 18th century.
Today, in lieu of rearranging "asparagus", how about rearranging the folders in your iOS Mail folder list? You get to pick and dig up those you favor most, too:
›› Make the few important folders in your email account (or accounts) stand out—and arrange them in the order most useful to you on iOS Mail's "Mailboxes" list.

How to Have OS X Mail Copy Email Addresses Only (Excluding Names)

Thursday April 10, 2014

Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein imagined coils of wire ablaze with alternating current. They pictured liquid metal propelled by magnetic forces inside. They dreamed of a refrigerator without noisily moving parts.
Do you fantasize about OS X Mail copying email addresses without annoyingly attached names and brackets? Whole the Einstein-Szilard pump and refrigerator are not widely available today, you can get that clean and simple copying behavior quite easily:
›› Tired of deleting names and brackets after copying email addresses from a message's headers in OS X Mail? Set it up to copy just the address instead with a small preference file change.

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