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How to Enable and Use Emoji in iOSMail

Why write "thumbs up" when you can add 👍 to your email? How about answering the question whether you come by plane or train with 🚣? In iOS Mail, adding emoji emoticons and pictograms is easy.

How to Disable or Enable the Yandex.Mail Reading Pane

Want emails to open broad and high on pages of their own with all the tools at hand and distractions—such as the message list—out of the way? Want both the overview of the message list and the detail of an individual email—side by side or the former atop the other? Yandex.Mail lets you choose between all these three options.

How to Empty the Trash Fast in Yandex.Mail

Who likes taking out the trash (and emptying it, too)? You just might, in Yandex.Mail, once you've found out how fast and two-click easy it is.

How to Disable Grouping by Subject in Yandex.Mail

You click on an email, you think, in Yandex.Mail and up pops a list of more—related?—messages? Find out how to have email listed individually instead in Yandex.Mail and not grouped as threads by subject.

How to Get Email Translations Right in Yandex.Mail

Is it spam or an auto-reply? In Yandex.Mail, you can get email translated in an instant to find out. The same engine will also translate what you write, of course, into any supported language.

How to Report an iCloud Mail Bug or Issue

iCloud Mail does not work right at icloud.com or in your email program? Find out here where and how to report the problem to Apple.

How to Tag an Outgoing Email in MailMate

Want to make sure emails you send are as easy to find as those you tag when they come in? In MailMate, you do not have to apply tags to sent messages in "Sent Messages"; you can tag the as-yet unsent messages comfortably and efficiently as you compose them.

How to Set Up Yandex.Mail in Mozilla Thunderbird as an IMAP Account

Want to send mail using your Yandex.Mail account from Mozilla Thunderbird, receive messages, access folders you have set up and have actions you take synchronize? Find out here what steps to take and what settings to use for adding Yandex.Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP.

How to Save an Email as a Template in Yandex.Mail

Why, again and again, type the same or just about identical an email when you can compose a basic version once and save it as a template? In Yandex.Mail creating such a boilerplate is easy, and you can re-use not only the text but also other aspects of the message such as Bcc: recipients, the subject or even files attached.

How to Change Your Default Sending Email Address in Yandex.Mail

Find yourself changing the address used in the "From:" line for sending every time you start composing a new message in Yandex.Mail? You can change the default instead, and have Yandex.Mail use a different address you have set up for sending in Yandex.Mail as the preset.

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