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How to Check Your Yahoo! Mail with a Keyboard Shortcut


If you're waiting for an important (or even an amusing) email to arrive, you may find yourself clicking that Check Mail button in Yahoo! Mail on and on.

Relax. Take your hand off the mouse, and let it rest comfortably on the cozy keyboard. Assume a state of total coolness. Send your eyes on a journey through the room, or maybe even out of the window, across the street, up the tree to the chirping bird.

You can still check your mail.

You can probably do it just as frequently, and even faster. Yahoo! Mail provides a great keyboard shortcut for making it look whether new mail has come in.

Check Your Yahoo! Mail Account From the Keyboard

To go to the Inbox and check for new messages in Yahoo! Mail quickly:

  • Press m.
    • To retrieve mail from external POP accounts as well, press Shift-M.

(Updated September 2012)

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