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How to Use Custom Fonts in Yahoo! Mail


Some text is best written in Garamond instead of what the recipient's email program or service will use by default (something like Arial, or — not much better — Courier, presumably).

Fortunately, you can specify a custom font for your messages in Yahoo! Mail. The choice of available fonts is not endless, but Lucida Console is among them, as is the ever popular Verdana, for example.

Use Custom Fonts in Yahoo! Mail

To write in fancy custom fonts in Yahoo! Mail:

The new font will be used for all text you type in the email from now on.

Of course, you can also apply a new font to text you have already written:

  • Highlight the text you want to apply the font to in an email you are composing in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click on the font pull-down menu.
  • Select the desired font.

(Updated April 2012)

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