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How to Have Yahoo! Mail Add New Contacts to Your Address Book Automatically


It's an honor, of course, to be mailed by you; an honor you give freely, too.

In Yahoo! Mail, the benefit is not all the recipient's: with a nifty setting enabled, Yahoo! Mail can build your address book automatically by adding anybody you mail to the Contacts automatically.

Have Yahoo! Mail Add New Contacts to Your Address Book Automatically

To make Yahoo! Mail create a new address book entry for each person as you email them the first time:

  • Select Options | Mail Options in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Go to the General category.
  • Make sure Automatically add new recipients to Contacts is checked under Sending Messages.
  • Close the Options tab.
  • Click OK under Do you want to save your changes?.

You can also add any email's sender and recipients to your Yahoo! Mail contacts fast.

Add or Edit an Automatically Added Contact's Name

After you have sent a message to a new email address, Yahoo! Mail will add them to your Contacts. You can add a name and other details there.

  • Go to the Contacts tab in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click the newly added contact.
    • You can type the email address (or parts of it) under Look for… to find the contact.
  • Click Edit Details.
  • Add a first and last (and, possibly, middle) name for the new contact using the First, Middle and Last fields.
  • Edit any further details as you desire.
  • Click Save.

If you did not change the or add a name, you do not have to click OK to add the contact.

(Updated January 2012)

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