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ReadNotify - Certified Email Service

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ReadNotify - Certified Email Service

ReadNotify - Certified Email Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

ReadNotify is an extremely sophisticated certified email service that has options to let you know whether an email you sent was opened under all circumstances and provides proof of your sending, too, while hiding most of the complexity behind easily accessible plug-ins, tools and email shortcuts.


  • ReadNotify lets you know (even under all circumstances) whether an email you sent has been opened
  • You can prove you sent a message with ReadNotify or make mail self-destruct, unprintable
  • ReadNotify offers an easy to use Windows tool as well as email shortcuts


  • ReadNotify does not allow recipients to opt out of "invisible" receipts
  • Messages with restricted recipient access interfere with normal email workflow
  • You cannot edit certified ReadNotify messages after they have been sent


  • ReadNotify provides email tracking and proof of sending as well as reading.
  • A ReadNotify Windows tool plugs into many programs and catches all outgoing mail seamlessly.
  • ReadNotify even integrates with Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail in Internet Explorer.
  • You can also send via ReadNotify by appending ".readnotify.com" to the recipient's address.
  • ReadNotify can prevent printing and copying of email text; emails can auto-destruct after reading.
  • You decide whether ReadNotify tracking is transparent to the recipient or "invisible".
  • "Ensured-receipt" messages are kept at ReadNotify servers and thus tracked under all circumstances.
  • ReadNotify uses PGP signatures including time-stamps to prove sending and opening of emails.
  • In addition to the recipient's location, ReadNotify can track forwarding and attachments.
  • The ReadNotify utility supports Windows 9x+ and makes tracking emails seamless in any program.

Guide Review - ReadNotify - Certified Email Service

The way emails are so easy to ignore is sometimes convenient, often exploited, occasionally beneficial and frequently annoying.

ReadNotify lets you know an email you sent was opened, and thankfully it does in a way that lets the recipient know, too. But ReadNotify does a lot more than that.

Using certified messages and digital signatures, ReadNotify offers proof that and exactly when you sent a message and when and where it was opened, for example. Using ReadNotify you can also send messages that self-destruct after having been opened once. Additionally (or independently), ReadNotify can make it rather difficult to copy or print the message contents.

But ReadNotify does the basic tracking better, too. ReadNotify offers countless options that exploit (or employ) every conceivable way of getting email programs to reveal their user's actions. If you need to go the absolutely surest route, "ensured-receipt" ReadNotify messages will let you know about the message status no matter what the recipient uses or does.

If all this sounds a bit complicated and settings-heavy, it is not. ReadNotify comes with a smooth Windows tool that plugs into many email clients and web-based email services but catches all other outgoing mail seamlessly and without effort but with easily set options as well. Users of other platforms need not worry either: sending an email through ReadNotify is as easy as appending ".readnotify.com" to the recipient's address.

Of course, image-based tracking with ReadNotify only works if the images are downloaded by the recipient. Further details — such as the location or how long an email was opened — are even more unreliable.

User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
do NOT use this service, Member gpoetess

Luckily I only used the free trial. Sent 4 emails, 3 to Abingdon, one to Bromley, Kent, from London. All 4 came back as delivered but unopened when I knew they'd all been opened ( still saying unopened 2 days later) And apparently the recipients ( my daughter and my husband) were receiving the emails in Frankfurt, Germany. What an absolute con. And potentially distressing if for example you were trying to trace a person who was out of touch. I emailed the company 2 days ago to ask how they can sell a product that does nothing it says it does, so far no reply. Interestingly I can now no longer open the report; it seems to have been frozen. Do not waste your money.

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