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Windows Mail Servers

Email is an essential tool, and that makes the mail server an essential piece of software. The email server needs to be flexible and fast, it needs to support ten or ten million users, and most of all it needs to be reliable. Find out how mail servers for Windows fare.

Autoroute SMTP
Autoroute SMTP is a nifty utility that lets you switch network connections and ISPs without having to change the outgoing mail server settings in your email client.

BaSoMail is simple small mail server. It is easy to set up and fulfills a limited set of tasks reliably.

X-Ray Mail Assistant - Email Utility
X-Ray Mail Assistant is a versatile email tool that lets you manipulate message headers, selects the right SMTP server automatically, and more.

CommuniGate Pro
Can a mail server be everything to everybody on every platform? Yes, and CommuniGate Pro is reliable and easy to administer, too.

IMail Server
IMail Server is a solid and tested mail server that combines a hands-on approach of essential features with powerful spam filtering options and a wide support of standards.

ISMail is a mail server with support for SMTP, POP and IMAP that works fine out of the box.

Kerio MailServer
Kerio MailServer is a fully featured mail server with a strong emphasis on security and universal accessibility.

Magic Winmail Server
Magic Winmail Server is a simple, yet capable mail server. It doesn't come with many extras or advanced functionality, but provides a solid set of features for smaller installations.

MailEnable Standard
Get a robust and secure mail server for free with MailEnable Standard.

MailEnable Standard User Reviews
Find users' reviews of the MailEnable Standard free mail server here and share your experience, too.

MailMax - Mail Server
MailMax is a fully featured and reliable SMTP/POP/IMAP server with strong support for multiple domains and nice anti-spam facilities.

MDaemon is a solid and well-rounded mail server that you can trust.

Merak Mail Server
Merak Mail Server is a complete, capable and secure mail server that can adapt to all mailing needs gracefully and integrates server-side Bayesian spam filtering as well as instant messaging.

Mercury/32 is a powerful mail server with a rich feature set, solid performance and effective filtering.

Mercury/32 User Reviews - Free Mail Server
Find users' reviews of the Mercury/32 free mail server here and share your experience, too.

POP before SMTP Mail Proxy
POP before SMTP Mail Proxy is a simple and highly useful utility if your outgoing mail server requires but your email program does not support POP Before SMTP authentication.

PostCast Server
Send email anywhere -- and fast -- with PostCast Server, a free personal outgoing mail server.

Scan all emails entering or leaving your home or office network for viruses, and get powerful content filtering of all these messages with WorkgroupMail, a versatile mail server.

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