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How to Send Mail from Any of Your Email Accounts with Windows Live Hotmail


Are you forwarding most of your mail to your Windows Live Hotmail account for convenient reading in one place? Wish you could send replies from other accounts right in Windows Live Hotmail, too?

You can. After claiming an email address as yours, it's all a matter of choosing the right From: address using a drop-down menu.

Send Mail from Any of Your Email Accounts with Windows Live Hotmail

To set up an email account for use with Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Select Options | More Options... from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
    • If you use Windows Live Hotmail Classic, just click Options in its toolbar.
  • Follow the Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts link under Manage your account.
  • Click the Add an address to send mail from button.
  • Type the email address you want to use in Windows Live Hotmail under Add an e-mail address:.
    • Make sure you can receive email at the address. You can use only email addresses that belong to you with Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Click Send verification e-mail.
  • Check for new mail at the account you just added.
  • Open the Windows Live Hotmail: E-mail address verification email.
  • Follow the long and winding activation link.

Send Mail from Your Account in Windows Live Hotmail

Now, to send a message from the newly added address:

  • Start a new email in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Select the desired address from the From: drop-down menu.

Retrieve Mail from Your Account in Windows Live Hotmail

You can also set up Windows Live Hotmail to download messages from your external POP account.

On Behalf of...

To ensure proper delivery, Windows Live Hotmail will use your Windows Live Hotmail address in the Sender: field of mail you send using a different From: address. This helps because email systems may judge emails by whether their origin matches the sender's address. If your messages sent from Windows Live Hotmail bore only the custom From: address, that could cause trouble.

The Windows Live Hotmail Sender: has two more effects. If message delivery fails, you will probably get the error message at your Windows Live Hotmail account, and some email programs will display your messages as coming from "...@hotmail.com; on behalf of..." your custom address.

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