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Set the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter to "Standard"


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If you have a Windows Live Hotmail account, you get spam.

Fortunately, Windows Live Hotmail has a tool that can make life with spam a little easier: the Junk Mail Filter.

Set the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter to Standard

To set your Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter sensitivity:

  • Select Options | More options from the main Windows Live Hotmail navigation bar.
  • Follow the Filters and reporting link under Junk e-mail.
  • Choose Standard under Choose a junk e-mail filter.
  • Click Save.

The possible settings of the Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter are Low, Standard and Exclusive.

Why Choose Standard

I recommend choosing Standard. The Windows Live Hotmail spam filters are not perfect, so a one or the other piece of spam will arrive in your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox, but the majority will go to the Junk folder automatically. At the same time only few legitimate emails will be filtered out by mistake, so it is usually safe to select Standard instead of Low.

The Exclusive Windows Live Hotmail Junk Mail Filter will consider all mail that does not come from trusted sources as spam and move it to the Junk folder. While this is certainly most effective against spam, chances are legit messages will be deleted unless you go through your Windows Live Hotmail Junk folder regularly (and that's exactly what we want to avoid, is it not?).

Make Sure Mail From Certain Senders is Safe

Whichever level of spam filtering you select in Windows Live Hotmail, you may want to make sure mail from certain important senders and mailing lists is never filtered and always arrives in your Inbox reliably.

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