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How to Set Up Your Windows Live Hotmail Signature


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Note: Windows Live Hotmail has become Outlook.com; see How to Set Up Your Outlook.com Signature.

No email is complete without a signature — a few lines of contact information, maybe a witty quote or some (self-)marketing at the end.

In Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail, you can set up a signature easily, and it will be appended to all emails you write automatically. Here's how to do it.

Set up Your Windows Live Hotmail Signature

To create a signature for use in your Windows Live Hotmail emails:

  • Select Options | More Options… from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Click Message font and signature under Writing email.
  • Enter the desired signature and add any formatting or images under Personal signature.
  • Click Save.

Windows Live Hotmail and MSN Hotmail will include your signature automatically when you compose a message. If you don't want it in a message, simply delete it like normal text.

(Updated July 2011)

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