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How to Download Attachments from Windows Live Hotmail


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A typical home sporting a computer or two and speedy connections to the Internets has, it seems, more ways to share documents than documents. Fortunately, among the many possibilities is one that, most of the time, just works.

So others send their files and photos to your email address. Now you need to get them out of Windows Live Hotmail and onto your lap- or desktop. Fortunately, there's a way to save attachments that just works — and one that lets you download multiple attached files in one go.

Download Attachments from Windows Live Hotmail

To download a single attached file from a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Click the name of the attached file in the attachment area just below the message's recipients and above the message text.
  • Depending on the browser your use, click Save or merely watch the download happen.

To download all documents attached to a message compressed into a single zip file:

  • Click Download all attachments in the message's attachment area.
  • Save or directly open the zip file named like the message's Subject: line.

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