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How to Avoid Downloading Overly Large Messages in The Bat!


Sometimes, quickly checking for mail can take a long time. But time is not the only resource that is consumed by overly large messages or attachments. Only too often, these messages are even completely useless.

The Bat! can save you a lot of downloading and show only the headers (like who the message is from and what its subject is) of messages that exceed a certain size limit.

Avoid Downloading Overly Large Messages in The Bat!

To prevent The Bat! from downloading huge messages:

  • Select Account | Properties... from the menu.
  • Go to the Mail management tab.
  • Under Message management, make sure Receive header only if... is checked.
  • Set a size limit.
    • Something around 70 KB is a reasonable number.

Be warned, though. If you have set up The Bat! to immediately delete all downloaded mail from the server, it will also delete messages exceeding your limit. If you have a limit set up, it's probably better to leave messages on the server for some time so you can retrieve important, though large, mails.

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