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The Bat! is one of the most powerful and versatile email clients available for Windows, and it successfully combines a good security record with ease of use. Find information, reviews, links and tips for The Bat! here.
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The Bat! Reviewed
The Bat! is a highly sophisticated and efficient email client. It makes handling even large volumes of mail a pleasant and secure experience.

The Bat! User Reviews
Find users' reviews of the The Bat! windows email program here and share your experience, too.See submissions

Backup E-mail
Backup E-mail fully backs up all messages, contacts, rules, accounts, settings and more from most email clients in an easy to use manner.

RITLabs Bugtracking System - The Bat!
If you encounter odd behavior in The Bat! or have a feature request, head to the bug tracking pages and see if your issue is already being worked on or report it easily.

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