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St. Patrick's Day Cards, Stationery, Letters and More

Celebrate the day of Saint Patrick, and the Irish national holiday with letters of green, with stationery of shamrock, and with greeting cards of leprechauns.
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Favorite Free St. Patrick's Day Stationery for Outlook Express
St. Patrick's Day is, it seems, everywhere and everything. A religious holiday in Ireland, a parade in North America, a celebration of everything remotely Irish around the world. And St. Patrick's Day is also green email stationery of Saint Patrick, of leprechauns and their gold, and of shamrocks. Here is my favorite St. Patrick's Day stationery for Outlook Express.

Favorite St. Patrick's Day E-Card Sites
St. Patrick's Day is the first green of the year in northern regions, and even the fasting rules of Lent do not apply on this day of celebrations. Of course, St. Patrick's Day is also a festival of all things Irish, expressed in colorful greeting cards, for example.

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