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How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray


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If you have Outlook opened literally all day (and night) long, it is more of an inventory in Windows than an application. It should not occupy a place in the task bar, at least not when you are not currently working in it, when it is minimized.

No, Outlook's place should be in the system tray, where it is readily accessible but not in the way.

Minimize Outlook to the System Tray

To minimize Outlook to a stylish icon in the Windows system tray:

  • Click on the Outlook icon in the system tray with the right mouse button.
  • Select Hide When Minimized from the menu.

Now, when you minimize Outlook is should disappear from the task bar. To open Outlook again, double-click on the Outlook system tray icon.

Minimizing Outlook 2000 and Earlier Versions to the Tray

If you use Outlook 2000 or an earlier version, which do not include the functionality to minimize to the system tray, try OutTray or HideOutlook.

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