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How to Use Custom Font Faces and Colors in Emails with Opera


A Halloween greeting in Helvetica? Spooky! An emphasis with *? Impressive!

If you want to put Opera's formatting prowess to use instead of your plain text expertise, you can change the font to match the mood, use bold face to place emphasis and the text color to make the text invisible. Here's how.

Use Custom Font Faces and Colors in Emails with Opera

To change the font face and color when composing a message in Opera:

  • Highlight the text you want to format.
    • You can also change the font without highlighting text; the formatting will be applied to what you type going forward.
  • Select the desired font from the font drop-down menu in the formatting toolbar.
  • To make text bold, click the B button.
  • To make text italic, click the I button.
  • To underline text, click the U button.
    • If possible, use bold text or, preferably, italics to highlight instead of underlining.
  • To change the text color:
    • Click the Set Text Color button.
    • Pick the desired color.

You can remove any text formatting just as swiftly, of course.

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