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New Year's Cards, Stationery, Letters and More

Greet the new year with funny, great greeting cards! Celebrate New Year's Eve with explosive, gorgeous stationery for Outlook Express! Say Hello World, Hello January 1 with sparkling, wonderful letters for IncrediMail!
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Favorite New Year's Stationery for Outlook Express
Did you have any resolutions for the new year last year? Have you kept them? Yes? Oh. Still, that nothing changes is no more true than that nothing stays the same. But no less true either. So, let's forget about the meaningful and celebrate the sheer existence of something new instead without attaching anything — except for festive stationery, maybe.

Favorite New Year's E-Card Sites
How do you like to welcome the new year? Do you prefer loud and spectacular or silent and tranquil? Or is your idea of celebrating New Year's Eve to go for your affairs like usual and just let it slip by? Either way, you can welcome others to your new year and your New Year's party with an e-card -- loud or tranquil.

How to Send Fireworks via Email
Put some sparkling, and some celebrating New Year's spirit in your emails.

New Year's Cards - iPhone New Year E-Card Application
New Year's Cards makes it fun and easy to send glittering New Year's greetings (embellished with your own photos and text) from iPhone and iPod touch.

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