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Where to Put Your Signature


Your email signature is no longer than 4 to 5 lines of text; it contains the standard signature delimiter; it is no wider than 75 characters; it has all the wit in it that is also in you (and that's a lot). Now where do you put it?

Fortunately, placing your signature is probably the easiest part of having it in your emails, and that's not only — not even chiefly — because there are no clear-cut rules. I think the most appropriate place for your signature is right where you'd also sign a written letter.

Where to Put Your Email Signature

Put your signature:

  • right below the end of your text — in replies as well as in new messages.
  • If you include original messages using indentation and selective quoting, your signature will usually be right at the bottom of the message.
  • If you quote lazily by putting your message on top of the (un-fragmented) original message, your signature will usually be between your message and the original message you quote, just above the "--Original Message--" line.


Naturally, positioning your signature in the suggested places, gives you the option to include post-scripts (PS:) right below it.

Note, though, that some email programs and services treat anything below the signature delimiter specially: they deem it especially unimportant. So, as an alternative, you can include your postscriptum below "signing" your message's main text with your name, but above the email's signature.

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