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Writing in All Caps is Like Shouting


Businesswoman shouting into bullhorn
Paul Bradbury/Caiaimage/Getty Images
When you write in all capital letters, this looks (and maybe sounds) to many a recipient as if you were shouting.

Writing in All Caps is Like Shouting

This is why you should

  • use all caps sparingly.

It is a strong effect, and it should remain one.

Imagine Someone Shouting All the Time

Not only would it mean little when she shouted, it is also more difficult to understand somebody who shouts. Similarly, text in upper case is significantly more difficult to read than lower and mixed case text.

Use Lower Case Only

If you type in all caps because you find it faster and more convenient, consider using lower case only. You will annoy some people, of course, but all in all all lower case seems more widely accepted than all caps.

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