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Mozilla Thunderbird 24.6 - Free Email Program


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Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Corporation

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The Bottom Line

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fully featured, secure and very functional email and chat client plus RSS feed reader. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and Mozilla Thunderbird filters away junk mail too.
At the same time, Mozilla Thunderbird could be more helpful with showing related information, suggesting labels or folders, for example.
Mozilla Thunderbird is no longer actively developed (except for security updates).


  • Views, tags, filters, fast search and smart folders help you manage mail in Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mozilla Thunderbird gets rid of junk mail precisely using Bayesian filtering and detects scams, too
  • Mozilla Thunderbird lets you reads RSS feeds like streams of email and includes chat (for many a protocol), too


  • Mozilla Thunderbird does not show related messages, sites, documents, posts, etc.
  • The Mozilla Thunderbird RSS feed reader could be integrated better and offer more power
  • Mozilla Thunderbird could be more helpful by suggesting tags or reply text, for example


  • Mozilla Thunderbird lets you manage multiple POP and IMAP email accounts and reads RSS feeds.
  • A self-learning junk mail filter cans spam in Mozilla Thunderbird, which can detect scam messages as well.
  • Mail views, free-form message tags and flexible filters let you organize and prioritize good mail easily.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird finds messages fast and lets you filter results comfortably by date, contact and more.
  • Searches can be saved to virtual folders that automatically aggregate relevant mail in Thunderbird.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird offers rich HTML formatting conscious of your computer's security and your privacy.
  • S/MIME support lets you encrypt and sign mail in Mozilla Thunderbird (with an OpenPGP plug-in available as well).
  • In addition to sending files as direct attachments, Mozilla Thunderbird can automatically upload them to a file sending service and keep the email messages themselves small.
  • A built-in chat and instant messaging client lets you connect with and exchange messages via Facebook Chat, Google Chat, IRC, XMPP and Twitter.
  • You can run Mozilla Thunderbird from a removable medium such as a USB stick.
  • Many extensions more allow Mozilla Thunderbird to expand its feature set (with a calendar, for example) or improve usability.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird supports Windows XP/2003/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.5-8 and Linux. (Tenfourbird makes certain version of Mozilla Thunderbird available on Mac OS X 10.4 and PowerPC Macs.)

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