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How to Send Emails Rich and Sweet Using Mac OS X Mail Stationery


Postcards are wonderful. Do send postcards!

But then you can only send about one postcard a day from your trip, and they're not your photos either—just typical postcard-pretty postcard-photos. How about sending more photos you've taken yourself by email more often—and in mint condition, embedded in enticing email stationery?

In Mac OS X Mail, you can not only send photos but use diligently crafted templates for invitations, greetings and hellos as well.

Send Emails Rich and Sweet Using Mac OS X Mail Stationery

To use stationery with an email in Mac OS X Mail:

  • Start with an empty email.
    • You can also apply stationery to text you have already composed.
  • If you do not see the stationery pane:
    • Click the Show or hide the stationery pane (or Show Stationery) button in the message's toolbar.
  • Select the desired stationery design.
  • Click on text elements to enter your own text.
  • Drag and drop images from Photo Browser or Finder onto placeholder photos.
    • Double-click photos to zoom and crop.

Remove Stationery from a Message You are Composing in Mac OS X Mail

To remove stationery from your message:

  • Click Show Stationery if the stationery area is not displayed.
  • Go to the Stationery category.
  • Select Original.

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