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How to Export Your Mac OS X Mail Address Book Contacts to a CSV File


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I say orange. You say banana. I say vCard. You say CSV.

Some connections are not meant to be made. Are they?

Of course, you can get the contacts from your Mac OS X Mail address book, which likes to export to vCard files, to all the email programs, contact managers and web apps that prefer to receive CSV (comma-separated values) files. All it takes is a smart little easy utility to play the middle-program.

Export Your Mac OS X Mail Address Book Contacts to a CSV File

To save your contacts from the Mac OS X Address Book to a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which lets you import the data to many other address books:

  • Download and install AB2CSV.
  • Open AB2CSV.
  • Select Mode | CSV from the menu.
    • To configure which fields will be exported, you can select AB2CSV | Preferences… from the menu and go to the CSV tab.
  • Now select File | Export from the menu.
  • Go to your Documents folder.
  • Click Choose.

The exported address book contacts are saved to a file called "everyone.csv" in your Documents folder.

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