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Mail Status Control 0.4.3 - Mail Checker

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Mail Status Control - Mail Checker

Mail Status Control - Mail Checker

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Mail Status Control lets you know about OS X Mail's status (new mail or not?) in the menu bar and provides some handy shortcuts to often used Mail features. New messages are not announced per folder, though, and further info is missing as well.
Mail Status Control is no longer available.


  • Mail Status Control notifies you about new mail in OS X Mail via the menu bar
  • You can open Mail, check your accounts for new messages and compose right from Mail Status Control
  • Mail Status Control lets you set up system-wide Mail keyboard shortcuts


  • Mail Status Control does not show any message information (the sender, for example)
  • The folders checked and considered by Mail Status Control cannot be chosen freely
  • Mail Status Control does not allow you to act on messages directly


  • Mail Status Control announces new mail in Mac OS X Mail via the OS X menu bar.
  • Either mail in all but junk mail folders or just in your Inboxes is counted.
  • You can initiate mail checks or new messages in Mail directly from Mail Status Control.
  • Mail Status Control lets you set up keyboard shortcuts for these actions, too.
  • Mail Status Control supports Mac OS X 10.2/10.3.

Guide Review - Mail Status Control 0.4.3 - Mail Checker

The OS X Dock is always there, and so is Mail's icon. It gives a quick count of unread messages and lets you access some often used features through its context menu.

If you prefer the slick and small menu bar to the Dock with its huge icons, you need Mail Status Control to get the same functionality. Mail Status Control color-codes its menu bar icon to let you know about newly arrived messages fast, and the menu has handy shortcuts to checking for new mail and creating a new message in Mail.

You can even set up system-wide keyboard shortcuts for these actions easily. Mail Status Control smartly ignores unread messages in junk mail folders and you can make it check Inboxes only, but more control over which folders are watched by Mail Status Control would be nice.

Speaking of folders, if Mail Status Control grouped the new mail count by folder, maybe throwing in sender or subject information, too, that would be tremendously useful.

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