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How to Delete a Message Swiftly in iPhone Mail


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It's great that iPhone Mail can receive messages from just about any email account. At the same time, all receiving and no deleting makes iPhone Mail a messy app.

Fortunately, iPhone Mail includes various ways to get rid of read or altogether unwanted messages. One is particularly satisfying — and swiftly fast.

Delete a Message Swiftly in iPhone Mail

To delete an email quickly in iPhone Mail:

  • Strike through the email's summary by swiping over it in the message list from right to left.
    • In iOS 1-6, you can also swipe from left to right.
    • Deleting works best if you start your swipe from near the edge.
    • More preview lines give you a bigger target area.
  • Tap Delete.

To cancel the deletion, tap anywhere but the Delete area or button.

If you delete lots of mail, you can make iPhone Mail keep it in the Trash folder for less time.

(Updated September 2013)

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