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How to Increase the Text Size When Reading Mail in IncrediMail


Computer screens are great for playing games and watching movies, but in spite of recent advances they are still not ideal for reading text. Yet, this is what we do most of the time. We read emails, for example.

If you read your emails in IncrediMail, you can make some messages easier on the eyes by increasing the font size used to display them. This can be helpful with notoriously pretty but small newsletters, for example.

Increase the Text Size When Reading Mail in IncrediMail

To increase the text size when reading mail in IncrediMail:

  • Hold down the Ctrl key while you scroll down on your mouse wheel.

This works in both the IncrediMail preview pane and if a message has been opened in its own window. If you have no mouse wheel, you can select View | Text Size | Larger from the menu.

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