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IncrediMail Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Get the most of IncrediMail, the fun email client with its unique interface and strong support for stationery, animations, and sound.

Most Popular IncrediMail Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
Isn't it incredible? An email program that can do many a thing and cares to look good, too! IncrediMail even makes the emails you write look better — effortlessly. Now learn to use IncrediMail better — effortlessly, with the tips, tricks and tutorials other IncrediMail users have found most useful.

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Get the most out of IncrediMail with tutorials delivered right to your IncrediMail inbox. The tips come in weekly doses, to nurture and amuse without overwhelming stomach or attention span.

Accessing Hotmail from IncrediMail and the Web
Make sure you can still access your Hotmail messages via the web after you have downloaded them to IncrediMail.

Approve a Domain in IncrediMail
Make sure you don't have to hunt IncrediMail's "Junk & Unapproved" folder for mail from people you know or for newsletters you want to receive.

Attach a File With Drag and Drop in IncrediMail
Create file attachments with the swift of your mouse in IncrediMail.

Check the Spelling of Every Message Automatically in IncrediMail
IncrediMail can make sure all messages you send go out spelled perfectly well by invoking the spell checker automatically as you click "Send".

Continue Editing a Draft Message in IncrediMail
Finish unfinished messages in IncrediMail.

Create Folders to Organize Messages in IncrediMail
Bring some folders to the email chaos in IncrediMail, and get your emails organized.

Define a Default Letter in IncrediMail
I'll take the "rice fields" letter, as always. Here's how to make your favorite IncrediMail letter the default for new messages.

Delete a Message Bypassing the Trash in IncrediMail
Delete messages immediately, permanently and efficiently in IncrediMail.

Don't Clog the Mail Server with Very Old Mail in IncrediMail
Tell IncrediMail to delete mail from the server a certain time after downloading it.

Empty the Trash Automatically When You Exit IncrediMail
Have IncrediMail clean up for you by emptying the "Deleted Items" folder of deleted messages when you exit.

Find Out Which Version of IncrediMail You Have Installed
Identify your version of IncrediMail, and the precise build number, too.

Get Daily Content for IncrediMail
New IncrediMail letters, cards, animations, sounds and notifiers every day.

Highlight Mail from a Sender With a Color in IncrediMail
Bob is yellow in my IncrediMail, Chris is orange, but you are red. Here's how to have IncrediMail mark messages from a sender with a color automatically.

How Not to Clog the Mail Server with Very Old Mail in IncrediMail
Tell IncrediMail to delete mail from the server a certain time after downloading it.

How to Access a Free AIM Mail Account with IncrediMail
AIM Mail and IncrediMail make a dynamic duo of great email service and rich email client. Here's how to set up IncrediMail to receive and send mail from and through your AIM Mail account.

How to Access a Free Hotmail Account with IncrediMail
Download mail from a free Hotmail account to IncrediMail comfortably.

How to Access a Gmail Account in IncrediMail
Download all mail you receive at your Gmail account into IncrediMail, and send the rich messages you're used to through Gmail as well (with a copy archived online).

How to Access a Windows Live Hotmail Account with IncrediMail
That's where IncrediMail gets really hot: receive and send Windows Live Hotmail from within IncrediMail.

How to Access an AOL Email Account with IncrediMail
Do you have to use the good old (though more old than good) AOL program to access your AOL email? Of course not. Try the spectacular and playful yet still solid IncrediMail, for example. Setting it up to receive and send AOL emails is easy.

How to Access Free Yahoo! Mail with IncrediMail
Fretting over Yahoo! Mail not offering POP access so you can use it with IncrediMail? Don't. Here's how to access a free Yahoo! Mail account in IncrediMail.

How to Access Your Email Remotely From Another Computer and Location
Would you like to access your email not only from the computer at home or work but also remotely from any place and computer with an internet connection?

How to Add a Custom MIDI or WAV Sound File to IncrediMail
If you have a file you'd love to use as background sound in an email, for example, you can make IncrediMail recognize it so you can insert it right from the "Style Box".

How to Add a Sender to the IncrediMail Address Book Quickly
If you send me an email, I have you in my address book within seconds. Here's how easy IncrediMail makes it to add the sender of any email to your address book.

How to Add a Voice Message to an Email with IncrediMail
Say it in your own voice. Here's how to add voicemail recordings to your emails with IncrediMail.

How to Add Background Sound to an Email Message in IncrediMail
Enrich your emails with background music. Here's how to set the right tone in IncrediMail.

How to Add Bcc Recipients in IncrediMail
Send emails to blind carbon copy recipients — recipients that do not show up in the recipient list — with IncrediMail.

How to Append Your Signature Automatically in IncrediMail
Sign by the piece with IncrediMail, which can append your signature to all outgoing emails automatically.

How to Associate IncrediMail with EML Files
If you're tired of Outlook Express launching whenever you click an email file or a forwarded message in IncrediMail, here's how to make these .eml files open in IncrediMail automatically.

How to Back Up IncrediMail Emails, Contacts, and other Data
Saving a backup copy of your IncrediMail messages, contacts, settings, and more is incredibly easy.

How to Back Up or Copy Your IncrediMail Address Book
Save a copy of your IncrediMail address book, either to restore it in IncrediMail when the origin is lost or to move it to a different email program.

How to Back Up or Copy Your IncrediMail Letter Collection
When you move to a new computer, copying your IncrediMail settings and emails is easy, but what about the assortment of letters you have installed? Here's how you can create copies for transfer or backup of your entire IncrediMail letter collection, too.

How to Block a Sender in IncrediMail
Send annoying mail to the trash automatically with IncrediMail.

How to Change a Message's Priority in IncrediMail
Choose a special IncrediMail letter, and high priority, too, for your important messages.

How to Change the Default Font for Composing Mail in IncrediMail
Do you use your beautiful legible and crisp favorite font for each email you compose in IncrediMail? And have to choose it manually every time you start writing a message? Not any more. Here's how to make your favorite font the default for composing emails with IncrediMail.

How to Check for New Mail Periodically with IncrediMail
IncrediMail butler, check my mail on your own, please.

How to Check the Spelling as You Type in IncrediMail
Make the emails your write in IncrediMail look like homework with all spelling mistakes highlighted.

How to Check Your Spelling Quickly in IncrediMail
Sloppy typist to IncrediMail: F7! Here's the quick way to have your emails checked for spelling mistakes in IncrediMail.

How to Color-Code Mail from a Certain Account in IncrediMail
Do you want to know which account the messages in your IncrediMail Inbox are from? Here's how to color-code them by account automatically.

How to Compose a New Message from the Tray with IncrediMail
If you need to start composing a new message quickly in IncrediMail, one of the fastest ways is to do it via IncrediMail's system tray icon.

How to Compose a New Message Quickly with IncrediMail
Start composing fascinating IncrediMail messages faster.

How to Compose an IncrediMail Message from Anywhere in Windows
You don't have to switch to IncrediMail to start composing an email. Here's how to make use of a keyboard shortcut that works anywhere in Windows.

How to Connect IncrediMail to Facebook for Updates and Sharing
Want to upload photos right from IncrediMail, share links, view your friends' albums and read your newsfeed? Here's how to link IncrediMail to your Facebook account.

How to Contact IncrediMail Support
IncrediMail crashes, blurts out error messages or won't download new mail? Here's how to get help with all your IncrediMail issues and contact IncrediMail support.

How to Copy Text Formatting Swiftly with the IncrediMail Format Painter
In IncrediMail, you can copy the formatting (font styles and sizes as well as colors) from one part to another with a few mouse strokes.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature in IncrediMail
Sign here: ______, and IncrediMail will use your handwritten signature as your email signature.

How to Create a Mailing List in IncrediMail
Set up a group in IncrediMail, and distribute messages to multiple recipients easily.

How to Create a Signature in IncrediMail
Sign your emails with style in IncrediMail, and use a few lines of text appended to every email you send for contact info, quotations or promotion.

How to Disable the Typing Sound in IncrediMail
Annoyed by the clicking typewriter sound IncrediMail makes whenever you press a button? Here's how to disable the IncrediMail typing sound.

How to Edit Your IncrediMail User Dictionary
Have you inadvertently added a misspelled word to your IncrediMail spell checker's user dictionary? Here's how to edit or remove that phrase.

How to Empty the "Deleted Items" Folder in IncrediMail to Pur…
Rid yourself of messages long deleted but still kept in the "Deleted Items" folder in IncrediMail. It may speed up things a bit, too.

How to Enable System-Wide IncrediMail Keyboard Shortcuts
Make essential functionality of IncrediMail easily accessible from anywhere in Windows with keyboard shortcuts that work everywhere.

How to Export Mail from IncrediMail to Another Email Program
Switch from IncrediMail to another email client and take your messages with you. Here's how to import mail from IncrediMail into Outlook Express or Windows Mail, for example.

How to Filter Mail from Unknown Senders to the Junk Folder
Without a JunkFilter Plus subscription, you can still have IncrediMail filter junk mail to the Junk Mail folder effectively.

How to Find And Open Your IncrediMail Data Folder and Message Store
Locate and access the directory in which IncrediMail keeps all your data so you can back up individual folders, for example, or apply fixes in case of failure.

How to Find Messages in IncrediMail
Search your archive of email messages efficiently in IncrediMail and find exactly the emails you are looking for.

How to Find Out How Many Messages an IncrediMail Folder Contains
My Inbox is how many messages thick exactly? Here's how to find out in IncrediMail.

How to Find Your IncrediMail Data Folder
Open the directory where IncrediMail keeps all your messages, letters, settings, and more.

How to Forward a Message with IncrediMail
Share an email with other email users easily in IncrediMail by forwarding it.

How to Have IncrediMail Complete Recipient Names and Addresses
IncrediMail can help you address messages by presenting matching contacts from your address book as soon as you start typing a name or email address.

How to Hide the Preview Pane in IncrediMail
Don't like IncrediMail to open emails automatically? Here's how to prevent that by disabling the preview pane.

How to Import Animations from the Web in IncrediMail
Use animations from any Web site in the emails you write with IncrediMail.

How to Import or Recover Your IncrediMail Letter Collection
Bring with you to a new computer your entire collection of IncrediMail letters, or bring them back after you hard disk has failed, for example.

How to Import Your IncrediMail Contacts Into the Outlook Express Address Book
Take your friends and contacts with you as you move from IncrediMail to Outlook Express.

How to Increase the Text Size When Reading Mail in IncrediMail
When the tiny font size in an email is giving your eyes a hard time, here's how to make IncrediMail display the text using bigger type.

How to Insert a Picture in an IncrediMail Message
A picture says more than 1000 emails — but you can combine the two with IncrediMail easily by inserting an image inline in your message.

How to Install Additional Spelling Checker Dictionaries in IncrediMail
If you want (or need) to write emails in a language other than English, you don't have to do without the IncrediMail spelling checker. Here's how to install additional language dictionaries.

How to Install an IncrediMail Letter
Import great letter content into IncrediMail.

How to Install Zipped IncrediMail Letters
Download, unzip, install: installing zipped IncrediMail letters in a few easy steps.

How to Leave a Copy of Downloaded Mail at the Server in IncrediMail
Have IncrediMail keep copies of downloaded messages on the server so you can re-retrieve them later.

How to Log Receiving and Sending in IncrediMail for Troubleshooting
When sending or receiving mail fails in IncrediMail, it can be helpful to make it keep a detailed log of what it does, tries and attempts so you — or a tech support person — can get a better idea of where to look for solutions.

How to Look up a Word Definition or Translation in IncrediMail
In IncrediMail, word definitions from online encyclopaedias and even translations from many a language are just a mouse click away.

How to Make Previewing Mail More Secure in IncrediMail
Read mail conveniently in the IncrediMail preview pane without putting your computer or privacy at risk.

How to Open IncrediMail Quickly with a Windows-Wide Keyboard Shortcut
The IncrediMail window is just a keystroke away — if you use this swift keyboard shortcut that works anywhere in Windows.

How to Organize Your IncrediMail Letters, Animations, and Styles
Keep your IncrediMail letters, animations and other styles organized by moving them to appropriate folders.

How to Post a Link or Photo to Facebook Fast in IncrediMail
Share the interesting stories and breathtaking photos not only by forwarding them as emails. IncrediMail makes it easy to post and share links and attached images at Facebook, too.

How to Prevent IncrediMail from Checking Mail When You Launch It
IncrediMail likes doing things automatically, but this may not always be the best option. Here's how to stop IncrediMail from downloading new mail the moment you launch it.

How to Prevent IncrediMail from Starting Automatically with Windows
If you find it annoying that IncrediMail starts automatically whenever you boot Windows, here's how to turn this off.

How to Print Part of an Email in IncrediMail
If you need just a small part of a long email on paper, here's how to print exactly the portion you need in IncrediMail.

How to Print Your IncrediMail Address Book
Send your IncrediMail contacts to the printer, and take them with you.

How to Protect Your Email with Password and Encryption in Windows
Want to make sure other people with access to your computer cannot open your mail? Here's how to protect your email program data with your Windows log-on password and maybe even encryption.

How to Protect Your IncrediMail Identity with a Password
Don't allow everybody to access your emails by just starting IncrediMail. Here's how to password-protect your IncrediMail identity.

How to Recover IncrediMail Folders That Have Mysteriously Disappeared
You just launched IncrediMail, and your personal folders have disappeared? Possibly, you'll just have to delete one little file to bring them back.

How to Remove Addresses from the IncrediMail Auto-Complete List
Does IncrediMail suggest wrong, unneeded or whimsical email addresses when you start typing recipients for your messages? Here's how to get rid of them and clean your auto-complete list in IncrediMail.

How to Remove the Facebook Folder from IncrediMail
If you have no need for the "Facebook" folder in IncrediMail, you can remove it.

How to Remove the IncrediMail Advertising Banner from Emails You Send
Don't pay for using IncrediMail by having it place ads in every email you send.

How to Request a Read Receipt for a Message in IncrediMail
Want to know whether a message you sent was received and read? Here's how to request a read receipt for an email in IncrediMail.

How to Rescue or Import Mail from an Old Computer or IncrediMail Installation
Are your old messages trapped in the old, now kaput computer? If you can get hold of the hard disk and if the disk is still functional, you can import all your mail elegantly into IncrediMail.

How to Restore IncrediMail Email and Other Data from a Backup
Recover all your essential IncrediMail data (mail, contacts, settings) from a backup copy in some simple steps.

How to Save a Message as a Draft in IncrediMail
Not enough time to finish your message? Have IncrediMail save a copy and continue later.

How to Send a File Attachment with IncrediMail
Glue files to emails in IncrediMail and send them around the world easily: here's how to attach files in IncrediMail.

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in IncrediMail
It's easy to mail a group of people in IncrediMail and have all recipients see only "Undisclosed recipients" as the sole addressee.

How to Set Up a Mail Filter in IncrediMail
Message rules are great (to have your mail sorted automatically, for example), and in IncrediMail they are easy to set up, too.

How to Set up a Vacation Auto-Reply in IncrediMail
While you are away, IncrediMail replies to incoming emails automatically, letting people know you'll be able to tend to their messages in person later.

How to Set Up Email Ringtones and Smart Notifiers in IncrediMail
Want IncrediMail to announce mail from certain senders in a special way — and unimportant messages not at all perhaps? Here's how to set up rules for notifiers in IncrediMail Plus.

How to Shut Down IncrediMail Completely
IncrediMail! Will you please shut down?! Here's how to not only close IncrediMail's main window but shut it down completely.

How to Spot a Contact's Mail Fast with a Special Icon in IncrediMail
Want to have not only new mail stand out but mail from certain contacts, too? Here's how to assign icons to senders in IncrediMail and have them appear next to their name in the message list.

How to Stop IncrediMail from Capitalizing Words
Does your IncrediMail try to force the capitalization of words, even where this makes no sense? Before that drives you crazy, turn off IncrediMail's automatic capitalizing of letters.

How to Stop IncrediMail from Playing Background Music
Do you want to read your emails undisturbed? Do you dread opening your emails to suddenly blaring speakers? Here's how to disable all incoming emails' background music in IncrediMail.

How to Suggest a Feature or Improvement for IncrediMail
IncrediMail is almost perfect — and you know at least one thing that's missing? Here's how to suggest a new feature or improvement to IncrediMail's makers.

How to Try Different Letter Designs with a Message in IncrediMail
Write the content of your message first, and pick an IncrediMail letter that suits it later.

How to Turn Off 3D Animations in IncrediMail
Simple is fast is beautiful is no 3D animations in IncrediMail. Here's how to turn off the sometimes annoying animations.

How to Unblock a Sender in IncrediMail
If you have inadvertently blocked a sender whose emails you do want to read in IncrediMail, here's how to remove them from the list of blocked senders again.

How to Use a Random Letter for New Messages in IncrediMail
Start every new mail in IncrediMail with a surprise — a random stationery from your collection.

How to View All Message Headers in IncrediMail
Ah, those boring lines! See them all in IncrediMail, to trace spam, for example.

How to View the Source of a Message with IncrediMail
A bit of archeology is involved, but you can do that, you can dig the sources in IncrediMail.

How to Write a Plain Text Message in IncrediMail
Even in colorful and spectacular IncrediMail, you can use the plain text IncrediMail letter and write disarmingly simple emails.

IncrediMail Collects Anonymous Usage Data
As you use letters, animations and other "Style Box" content, IncrediMail counts each item's usage to build the list of most popular content.

IncrediMail Collects Anonymous Usage Data
As you use letters, animations and other "Style Box" content, IncrediMail counts each item's usage to build the list of most popular content.

Insert a Link to a Web Page in Emails with IncrediMail
Links make it easy to get from one place another on the web. Here's how to use them in your IncrediMail emails, too, to link to your favorite web sites.

Insert Recipients from the Address Book in IncrediMail
Stop typing email addresses. Insert them by point and click from your IncrediMail address book instead.

Insert the Last Used Smiley Fast in IncrediMail
Your favorite graphical emoticon is only one click away in IncrediMail.

Install an IncrediMail Letter from Email You Have Received
Have you ever wished you could use the great backgrounds, animations and sounds you see in other people's emails in your own? You can. Here's how to add the IncrediMail letter used for an email you have received to your IncrediMail Style Box.

Make IncrediMail Hang Up Automatically After Exchanging Mail
Don't stay connected longer than it is necessary for IncrediMail to exchange mail.

Move Messages via Drag and Drop in IncrediMail
Message movin', message movin'! Moving messages is easy in IncrediMail if you use your mouse to drag and drop.

Request a Read Receipt for a Message in IncrediMail
Want to know whether a message you sent was received and read? Here's how to request a read receipt for an email in IncrediMail.

Send a Message to a Mailing List with IncrediMail
Once you have a mailing list in IncrediMail, sending a message to multiple recipients is easy.

Specify a Default Language for the IncrediMail Spell Checker
IncrediMail checks your language. Here's how to make IncrediMail use the language you write most of your emails in for spell checking by default.

Specify a Special IncrediMail Notifier for a Particular Sender
Have IncrediMail announce mail from dad with a dog, mail from your friends with a butler, and mail from your boss with...

Specify the Account Used to Send a Message in IncrediMail
Tell IncrediMail which email address it should put in the From: header of an outgoing message.

Try a Random Letter for Your IncrediMail Message Quickly
If you can't decide which letter to use for a message you are composing, let IncrediMail decide — and decide again, and decide again, until you like what you see.

Turn Off 3D Animations in IncrediMail
Simple is fast is beautiful is no 3D animations in IncrediMail. Here's how to turn off the sometimes annoying animations.

Turn off the IncrediMail Welcome Sound
If the IncrediMail welcome sound is more annoying and embarrassing than welcome, here's how to turn it off for good.

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