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Top 37 Favorite Halloween E-Card Sites


If there is ever a time for the beauty of ugliness and the delight of terror, Halloween must be it. The best Halloween greetings are often the worst—and vice versa. E-cards can meet your every Halloween greeting card need, however sick or pretty.

Here are my favorite e-card sites to compose and send Halloween greetings. Remember you can also send, for free, some Halloween cards from this site, complete with short poems or holiday quotations:

(Updated October 2011)

1. Jacquie Lawson Hallowe'en E-Cards

Halloween is a cat and mouse and bat and Jack'o'lantern game at Jacquie Lawson—a frightening game, of course. The other fantastically drawn, animated and melodized cards are even spookier...

2. Ojolie Halloween E-Cards

Cat and pumpkin have ghastly ghostly friends at Ojolie, and they all let you send marvelously done Halloween greetings.

3. AmericanGreetings.com Holidays - Halloween

No cruel cards at AmericanGreetings.com, but paying members can select from a large collection of high quality Halloween greetings, from funny cards to Halloween invitations, and more.

4. Vintage Halloween Postcards

A sheer endless supply of gorgeous and old Halloween greeting cards awaits at CardCow.com.

5. Antique Halloween E-Cards

From apple bobbing over the mirror game to a children's dreadful fright, Antique Halloween E-Cards brings all the glory, fun and magnificence of vintage Halloween cards to any email inbox.

6. Bloompetals: Carve Your Own Pumpkin

If all the ready-made cards are not right for you and certainly not right for your friends, you can carve your own Halloween pumpkin, funny or frightening, at Bloompetals and send it via email.

7. Victorian Trading Co. Halloween Cards

From an era gone by, these motives from Victorian Halloween greeting cards will jump right into your heart — and into the hearts of those to whom you send email greetings using them.

8. Katie's Cards Halloween E Cards

They're sweet, smiling and zappy, the cards and characters at Katie's. Don't let that deceive you, however. It's still Halloween, however beautiful and charming the greetings may be.

9. BlackDog's Halloween Post Office

BlackDog has something that's not particularly scary or frightening but rather un-Halloweenish nice and lovely: extremely cute Vintage Halloween postcards (as well as more cartoonish Halloween greetings).

10. JibJab - Halloween E-Cards

It's horrible, awful and out of control: Halloween at JibJab is not only scary but also funny — in a scaring manner. You can even put your own face in the cards for that little, well, extra.

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