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How to Post Messages and Photos to Google Buzz via Email


Want to post for the world to see and appreciate; share your thoughts and photos; update your circle or tribe with the latest status; and do it all where you have but email?

With Google Buzz, all this is easy — an email sent to the right address easy.

Post Messages and Photos to Google Buzz via Email

To post a message and photos to Google Buzz via email:

  • Create an email to buzz@gmail.com.
  • Make sure the Gmail address you want to use to post the message is also in the From: line of the email you send.
    • You can set up Gmail in just about any email program and service.
  • Type the desired text message in the email's Subject.
    • Any text in the message body will be ignored.
  • Attach any photos you want to post to the email message.
    • The images will be uploaded to the Picasa Web Albums account associated with the Gmail address in the From: line and appear in an album called "Buzz".
  • Send the message.

Control the Privacy of Google Buzz Email Posts

Your first post via email will be public. To change the default privacy for future Google Buzz posts sent via email:

  • Open Gmail.
  • Go to Buzz.
  • Click connected sites next to your name.
    • If you cannot see connected sites, click the x in the posting field's top right corner.
  • Select Edit under Posted via buzz@gmail.
  • Pick the desired privacy level — Public or Private to a Gmail group.
  • Click Done.
  • Now click Save.
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