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How to Check Your Gmail Account with a Keyboard Shortcut


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Yes, Gmail does refresh the new mail count in the left column in what seems to be an ongoing effort when you have it open in your browser. Yes, there are countless tools and checkers that will alert you of incoming Gmail email. Yes, mail should not be checked more often than three to four times a day.

Still, the Refresh link in Gmail is probably your friend. It is mine, too. I don't use it, however. Spoiled by Gmail's many useful keyboard shortcuts, I refuse to take the fingers off the keyboard and check for new mail with the click of a single key as well.

Check Your Gmail Account with a Keyboard Shortcut

To check your Gmail account for new mail with a keyboard shortcut:

  • Press u (think "update").

You can also check other Gmail keyboard shortcuts while you're at it.

(Updated October 2012)

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