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How to Get New Mail Notifications for Gmail


It's easy to get emails, even important messages, and chats in Gmail; it's just about as easy to miss them, even with Gmail open all day.

You can grant your computer to a special Gmail new mail checker, of course. You can also tell Gmail to send desktop alerts through your browser, though, as long as Gmail is open somewhere (in a background tab or minimized; it does not matter).

Get New Mail Notifications for Gmail

To get notifications for new emails in Gmail:

  • Make sure you use a supported browser. Gmail browser desktop notifications currently work with
    • Google Chrome,
    • Mozilla Firefox and
    • Safari.
  • Click the Settings gear in Gmail.
  • Follow the Settings link in the menu that has shown.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Click Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail. under Desktop Notifications:.
  • In Google Chrome:
    • Select Allow for Allow mail.google.com to show desktop notifications.
  • In Mozilla Firefox:
    • Click the down arrow next to Show for this session under Would you like to show notifications from mail.google.com?.
    • Select Always Show Notifications from the menu that has appeared.
  • In Safari:
    • Click allow under The website "mail.google.com" would like to show alerts in Notification Center.
  • Make sure Important mail notifications on or New mail notifications on is selected under Desktop Notifications:.
    • Typically, getting notifications only for important messages identified by Priority Inbox is more useful than being alerted to all incoming mail.
  • To also get notifications for new chat conversations, make sure Chat notifications on is selected.
  • Click Save Changes.

(Updated February 2014)

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