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How to Get a Free Gmail Account


Enter your first and last names under Name.

Enter your first and last names under Name.


Want a new email address—with a better user name perhaps; more storage for your messages; or a precise spam filter maybe?

A Gmail account can offer you all this. You can use it to access your existing email accounts and profit from its eliminating junk, for example. You can use it to archive old mail. You can use it as a backup. You can also use it as an email account.

Get a Free Gmail Account

To set up a new Gmail email account:

  • Visit Create an Account for Gmail.
  • Enter your first and last names under Name.
  • Type your desired user name under Choose your username.
    • Your Gmail email address will be that user name followed by "@gmail.com"; If your Gmail user name is "example", for instance, your Gmail address will be "example@gmail.com".
  • If Gmail lets you know that your desired user name is not available, enter a different desired name under Choose your username or click one of the proposals under Available:.
  • Type the desired password for your Gmail account under Create a password and Confirm your password.
  • Select and enter your birthday under Birthday.
  • Choose your gender under Gender.
  • Optionally, enter your mobile phone number under Mobile phone for account verification and authorization.
    • You do not need to specify a phone number to sign up for Gmail.
  • Optionally, enter an existing email address under Your current email address if you want to be able to recover a lost password with it.
    • You do not have to specify this secondary email address to create a Gmail account.
  • Now type the characters in the captcha picture under Prove you're not a robot.
  • Select your country or location under Location.
  • Read Google's terms for serving Gmail.
  • Make sure I agree to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy is checked.
  • Click Next step.
  • Click Next step again.
  • Now click Continue to Gmail.

In addition to accessing Gmail on the web, you can also set it up in desktop and mobile email programs.

(Updated March 2014)

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