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How to Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast


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That list of email addresses in the To: (or maybe the Cc:) line is not pretty; it is not sensitive or gentle; sensible or recommended; it is quite helpful as, well, a list of email addresses, though, for setting up a group in Gmail that will let you address all those same people fast.

Of course, you need not pick up the list of names and addresses from an email — or anywhere. The same process that turns recipient lists from messages into Gmail groups also lets you enter them manually in as fast a fashion as you can type (without any clicking or navigating to interrupt).

Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast

To add email addresses to a group in Gmail contacts as a list (from a received message's To: or Cc: line, for instance):

  • Go to Contacts in Gmail.
  • Select the desired group on the left.
    • You can also create a new group, of course: click New Group…, enter the desired name and click OK; then select the new group.
  • Click Add to "[group name]" in the toolbar just above the list of existing members.
  • Enter all the people and addresses you want to add.
    • Separate recipients by comma (,) or semicolon (;).
    • You can use just email addresses or names and addresses; if you add a name, make sure the email address appears in angle brackets: Frank .
    • A list of people and addresses reading like
      Frank , Kawamata Hachiko ; , chakide@example.com
      would add four new members to the list, for instance, two with names.
  • Click Add.
    • If an address is already a member of the group, Gmail will not create a duplicate entry.

Now, you can mail the newly grown group fast.

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