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How to Direct a Buzz Post or Comment to Somebody's Gmail Inbox


A Buzz post is no email — but in Gmail, it can be.

If a post or comment is especially important for a key contact; if you hope to elicit somebody's input on a discussion; if you're sending something personal: you can make your Buzz post or comment show up not only an included follower's Buzz area, but also in their Gmail inbox.

Direct a Buzz Post or Comment to Somebody's Gmail Inbox

To make a Google Buzz post or comment appear in somebody's Gmail inbox and as an email message if they access Gmail in a desktop email program:

  • Add '@' followed by the full email address of the desired recipient to the post or comment.
    • To direct a comment to example@gmail.com's Gmail inbox, for example, add "@example@gmail.com" (not including the quotation marks) to the comment or post.

A Few Things to Note About Direct-to-Inbox Buzz Posts and Comments

  • Commenting a private post with an @ reply to a person not in the originally authorized people will add them to the group and reveal the full conversation to them, even if you are not the post's original author.
  • Your direct post or reply will not appear in the recipient's inbox (and may easily missed by those they do not access Google Buzz in a browser) if they have set up a Gmail rule that makes Buzz messages skip the inbox.
  • Sending a direct post or comment to a non-Gmail address does not deliver the post or comment by email to them. They will know of nothing.

Unless filtered out of the inbox, comments show up in the post's original author automatically.

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