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How to Check the Gmail Status for Issues


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Is Gmail down?

Is Gmail down for everybody, down for you alone, or, well, "a small subset of users"? Does Google know about the problems, or should you alert them to their outage?

Fortunately, you can find out whether Google is aware of Gmail service disruptions — login failures, for instance, missing data, or certain functions not working — easily, and check for an estimate on how long the outage will last, too.

Check the Gmail Status for Issues

To find out about Gmail and other Google Apps status:

  • Visit the Google Apps Status Dashboard.
  • Gmail's issue status will appear under Current status for Google Mail.

You can also

Check Gmail for Other Known Issues

To see general problems and bugs of which Google is aware:

If you have encountered a bug not on the list, do report it to Google.

(Updated March 2014)

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