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How to Change the Default Compose Font Face and Color in Gmail


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Why start in the black when you can have red right from the get-go? Why change the font size every time when you can write in larger type automatically? Why pick your favorite typeface from the list when Gmail can preset it for you?

If you compose rich text messages in Gmail and prefer to differ from Gmail's default formatting, you can make your favorites the default for new messages.

Change the Default Compose Font Face and Color in Gmail

To specify a default typeface, formatting and color for emails you compose in Gmail:

  • Make sure Default Text Styling is enabled (see below).
  • Follow the Settings link in Gmail.
  • Go to the General tab.
  • Use the Bold, Italic, Font, Size and Text Color buttons under Default text style to specify the desired formatting.
    • Click the Remove Text Formatting to reset the font face and color to the default.
    • Click Save Changes.

    To enable Default Text Styling in Gmail:

    • Select Settings in Gmail.
    • Go to the Labs tab.
    • Make sure Enable is selected for Default Text Styling.
    • Click Save Changes.

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