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gMailContacts 1.5 - Gmail Contact Importer

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gMailContacts - Gmail Contact Importer

gMailContacts - Gmail Contact Importer

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

gMailContacts swiftly imports names and email addresses from your Mac OS X Mail address book into Gmail. Optionally, gMailContacts uploads street addresses and phone numbers, too, but it cannot preserve your contact photos.
gMailContacts is no longer available.


  • gMailContacts uploads your Mac OS X Mail contacts to Gmail
  • You can choose to import only members of a particular Address Book group


  • gMailContacts does not import contact images into Gmail
  • The free version of gMailContacts only imports name, email address and company name


  • gMailContacts uploads contacts from the OS X Address Book into Gmail.
  • You can import only certain Address Book groups with gMailContacts.
  • gMailContacts uploads names and email addresses for free. An "upgrade" supports street addresses and phone numbers, too.
  • Conflicts are resolved automatically by gMailContacts to avoid duplicates in the Gmail address book.
  • gMailContacts supports Mac OS X 10.4/5.

Guide Review - gMailContacts 1.5 - Gmail Contact Importer

Gmail on the web and Gmail in your Mac OS X Mail and contacts in your OS X Address Book and contacts in Gmail and it all syncs up beautifully. All? No, chances are your contacts are part here, part there, part omnipresent.

With gMailContacts, you can upload your OS X Address Book to Gmail to begin with. All it takes is your Gmail address and password. If you want to import only certain contacts, you can group them in Address Book and upload just that group with gMailContacts.

gMailContacts uploads people's names, email addresses and companies. A small upgrade tackles phone numbers and street addresses, too. You cannot have gMailContacts upload your neat contact images to Gmail, though.

In the likely event that an email address is already in Gmail, gMailContacts merges data in a reasonable manner to avoid duplicates. All in all, gMailContacts is a simple and functional tool for getting your Mac OS X Mail email addresses into Gmail.

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