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Email Basics


Don't worry. In no time, you'll have an email account, send and receive messages, master email etiquette and know how to beat junk mail once it starts to creep in.
  1. Get an Email Account or Email Program
  2. Email Etiquette
  3. Find People's Email Addresses
  4. Email Stationery and E-Cards
  1. Spam: Get Rid of Junk Email
  2. Email Terms
  3. How Email Works

Get an Email Account or Email Program

For free, you can find decent email services with unlimited storage and all the things an email user can want (except spam). Of course, you can shop for desktop email programs as well.

Email Etiquette

Mention "etiquette", add "rules" for good measure, and it all sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. Email etiquette is easy enough, if you know a few simple, well, rules.

Find People's Email Addresses

Communication, they say, is what the recipient does. First, we need a recipient, though — and might have to find your friends' and contacts' email addresses.

Email Stationery and E-Cards

Cat Halloween Card Stationery

Email is more than text and attachments. If you know your friends to appreciate it, decorate your emails' backgrounds with images or animations, add background music or send a friendly e-card.

Spam: Get Rid of Junk Email

Spam or junk mail, let me assure you, is not that much of a problem. Some foresight and a good spam filter take care of most unwanted emails, and not fretting too much lets you ease over the puny rest.

Email Terms

Is your email programs using "SMTP", "IMAP IDLE" and "Bcc" as if these were everyday words? Know the technical terms and acronyms, and not even "LDAP" will catch you off balance!

How Email Works

Are you curious to find out what happens when you click "Send", or how all kinds of files, images and videos fit into email messages?

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