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Get Started with Email

Just getting started with email? We'll get you ready to send your first message and read emails from your friends or even a newsletter in no time.
  1. Find the Best Email Client
  2. Get Rid of Junk Mail
  3. Get the Most Out of Your...

Email: What it is and How it Works
Want the big picture? Email is like traditional, postal mail. Just better.

Top Free Email Services
Free web-based email services let everybody have their personal email account that can be accessed form any computer connected to the Internet, they provide tons of space for keeping your messages, have great spam filters and, hey, they are free.

Top Windows Email Clients for Beginners
Some email programs tend to overwhelm you with obscure and undocumented features. Others are easy to use and a joy to use even for inexperienced emailers. Find the best beginner email clients for Windows.

Email Glossary
Get email terms defined and learn what an 'attachment' is and what it has to do with 'MIME' and 'Base64', why you don't want 'spam' but need a 'header', how useful 'POP' can be, and a lot more.

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