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Better than attaching large images to your emails: put your pictures and icons and smileys on a free image hosting service once and include them inline in your messages quickly as often as you want.
Make sure you don't upload images you want to keep private, of course!
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Top Free Image Hosting Services
Share images and insert them in your emails, too. Better than big attachments: upload your photos and signature images to a free image hosting service and send links or inline images via email. Of course, you can use these images in forums, auctions and elsewhere on the web as well. Here are my favorite free image hosting services for use with...

FreeImageHosting.Net stores JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP images up to 3 MB for free and for use in your emails, forum posts, auctions, and more.

Iimmgg.com not only hosts up to 2048x2048 pictures for you, it also adds a tag line if you wish.

ImageShack hosts pictures up to some 1.5 MB for free and can resize them for easy including in emails, too. Supported image formats include JPEG, PNG, GIF; BMP, TIFF and SWF.

ImageVenue holds your JPEG images up to 3 MB in size, and it can resize big pictures to reasonable dimensions at upload time, too.

Particularly easy to use, imgur hosts your images and lets you edit them using Aviary, too.

MojoImage stores images up to 2 MB and 3000x3000 px.

You have to register for a free account at Photobucket, but then you get tools for organizing and editing your images. Photobucket supports JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP files up to 1 MB for free users.

Upload and host images of most types at xtupload.com, which also lets you add border and watermark.

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