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Top 5 Email Devices


You don't need a fully fledged (and slow and clumsy and heavy and bulky) computer or laptop to send and receive email. Dedicated email devices and appliances are a cheap and easy to use and oft mobile alternative.

1. BlackBerry - Email Device

Almost as small as a cell phone but still equipped with a familiar QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry devices emulate mobile phones in versatility, too. Not only can you use email but a BlackBerry is also an organizer, gaming device, web browser and, maybe, GPS-powered navigator.
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2. iPhone - Email Device

iPhone Mail - Email Program
Heinz Tschabitscher
iPhone Mail does a great job rendering emails and attachments pretty, swift and useful. A few more shortcuts (such as marking multiple messages read, search, text snippets or a unified inbox) would be great, though.

3. Peek E-Mail Device - Email Device

Your email address and password is all you need to set up the handy Peek email device with most accounts — and off you go exchanging emil on the road in a focused and sleek manner.
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4. MailBug - Email Device

The MailBug email appliance likes to keep things simple. It comes with the essential functionality — send and receive email — and is easy to set up, easy to use. Ideal for those who fly computers.

5. Printers with Presto Service - Email Device

Using the Presto service, you can send email to people who have no computer but just a special printer. Presto even formats messages beautifully using templates for printing.
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