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How Can I Email Bill Gates? What is Bill Gates's Email Address?


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Question: How Can I Email Bill Gates? What is Bill Gates's Email Address?

Want to email Bill Gates an important message? Equipped with Bill Gates's public email address, you can do just that, resting assured that somebody—maybe Bill Gates himself if your email warrants it—will read your message and possibly reply.

Answer: Bill Gates's email address is billg@microsoft.com.

Will I Get a Reply from Bill Gates?

Chances are you will not. It is, of course, not entirely impossible either.

Will My Email to Bill Gates Be Read?

Your email will be read. The first to see it will be a person at Gates's office, however, and not Bill Gates.

Key emails may be forwarded to Bill Gates personally.

Since When Does Bill Gates Use His Email Address?

On July 16, 1982, a new local-area network connects all development machines in the Microsoft offices and brings a new, improved email system. Email addresses are assigned by name, it seems, and Bill Gates becomes "billg", later "billg@microsoft.com".

What is an Email Address for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation?

You can contact the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at info@gatesfoundation.org.

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