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Top 33 Favorite Father's Day E-Card Sites


11. Jan Brett - Father's Day E-Cards

Bear-cute and lion-strong: from the pens of illustrator Jan Brett, these post- and e-cards deliver most enticing Father's Day greetings.

12. Leanin' Tree - Father's Day E-Cards

Just in time for summer's heat, Leanin' Tree lets you send a big fan to dad — or one of the other gorgeous and artistic greeting cards.

13. VerveCards - Father's Day E-Cards

Rap dad, sunny side up or strong silent type? VerveCards has the perfect, surprising, colorful and smart Father's Day greeting card.

14. Katie's Cards - Father's Day E-Cards

The beautifully drawn and charmingly animated father's day greetings at Katie's cards will make every dad a happy camper — but especially the soccer, rugby or golf players, fishermen and super-dads.

15. Plaxo - Father's Day E-Cards

From funny to profound, Plaxo has great Father's Day cards for you to send — even if your dad is not a Plaxo contact.

16. BlueMountain - Father's Day E-Cards

For paying members of BlueMountain Unlimited the possibilties are nearly unlimited: There are, of course, cards for the dad who is also a sports fan, and lots of funny greeting cards, but you can also send an animated and interactive card, or one containing poetry.

17. 123 Greetings - Father's Day E-Cards

I'd bet most fathers would love to get one of the "sporty dad" cards. At the same time I'm sure they'd also die for one of the heartwarming wishes you can send at 123 Greetings. Why not send both, and add a funny card, too?

18. USAGreetings - Father's Day E-Cards

You'll find the right — enticing and simple — Father's Day card for just about every dad in USAGreetings' large collection.

19. DaySpring - Father's Day E-Cards

Inspire dad this Father's Day with a well-crafted Christian greeting card from DaySpring.

20. FunUtilities.com - Father's Day E-Cards

You can wish a happy Father's Day in green, red, orange or blue; with a car, a tie, flowers or a simple note. FunUtilities.com has friendly cards for many kinds of dads.
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