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Father's Day Greeting Cards

Happy Father's Day — it's the day of happy fathers, and you can contribute to that happiness by sending funny, lovely, surprising, or simply nice greeting cards.
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Favorite Father's Day E-Card Sites
Typically, we know our fathers so well that they can surprise us every day with something new. Father's Day is a great day to catch dad off base with a pleasant surprise — why not (also) a fantastic email greeting? Here are some of my favorite sites to compose and send Father's Day greetings.

Readers Respond: Favorite Father's Day E-Card Sites - About Email
Which sites do you enjoy most for wishing dad a fabulous Father's Day by e-card? Share them here, and find others' favorite sites, too.

Happy Father's Day! - Free Father's Day E-Card
Thanks for all you've taught me, dad.

Oh, Dad - Free Father's Day E-Card
Oh, (what a wonderful) dad('s day e-card)!

Have a Wonderful Day, Dad! - Free Father's Day E-Card
Wonderful stationery, and a wonderful day for a wonderful dad.

Love You Dad - Free Father's Day E-Card
Father's Day spent comfortably rocking in a chair or in dad's lap is a day well enjoyed for both father and son.

Girl & Balloon - Free Father's Day E-Card
The little girl loves her father — and her balloon.

Happy Father's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
Send Happy Father's Day wishes, and happy flowers.

All for Dad - Free Father's Day E-Card
Everything dad needs for a happy (Father's) day, from his paper and slippers to this stationery.

Bears Father's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
Little bear has written daddy bear a lovely Father's Day card.

Golfing Father's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
I know many a dad who'd love to get a Father's Day email using this stationery (or be a better golfer, that would be okay, too).

Fishing with Dad Father's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
Whether you enjoyed going fishing with your dad or didn't, here's a great IncrediMail letter to thank dad for wonderful memories this Father's Day.

Father's Day Banner Plane - Free Father's Day E-Card
Deliver high-flying Father's Day wishes.

Dad's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
On father's day, everybody wants to be dad.

Father's Day Tractor - Free Father's Day E-Card
Send some funny father's day greetings.

Bee's Father's Day - Free Father's Day E-Card
The bees are busy celebrating dad.

Sailing Dad - Free Father's Day E-Card
Sailing is good, but dad is better, and sailing dad is...

123 Father's Day Greetings
I'd bet most fathers would love to get one of the "sporty dad" cards. At the same time I'm sure they'd also die for one of the heartwarming wishes you can send at 123 Greetings. Why not send both, and add a funny card, too?

AmericanGreetings.com Father's Day Cards
If you have to pay to send a card, they'd better be really good. The Father's Day cards at AmericanGreetings.com are, and the collection of high quality cards is huge.

BirthdayAlarm.com Father's Day eCards
BirthdayAlarm.com offers many a great greeting card to celebrate, thank and praise dad.

Care2 Father's Day Cards
Care2 has great Father's Day greeting cards, and they have a great idea, too. By sending a card you not only show that you care for your dad but also for our environment: part of Care2's revenue goes to non-profit environmental organizations.

CarlsenCards Father's Day Greeting Card
With CarlsenCards' "tools and bikes" mixer, dad can mix his own Father's Day hymn from hammers, bass, chainsaw, wrench and more.

Dads Greetings at 1001 Postcards
The cards for dads (and dad's day) number not exactly 1001 at 1001 postcards, but they're nicely done and easily sent al the same.

DaySpring Father's Day E-Cards
Inspire dad this Father's Day with a well-crafted Christian greeting card from DaySpring.

E-Cards.com Father's Day E-Cards
Crude and charming, the Father's Day greetings from the original E-Cards.com are sure to delight with their quirks.

DeepestFeelings - Father's Day E-cards
Flowers abound for dad and his day with DeepestFeelings Father's Day greeting cards.

Father's Day eCards from BlueMountain
For paying members of BlueMountain Unlimited the possibilties are nearly unlimited: There are, of course, cards for the dad who is also a sports fan, and lots of funny greeting cards, but you can also send an animated and interactive card, or one containing poetry.

Father's Day Greeting Cards from USAGreetings
You'll find the right — enticing and simple — Father's Day card for just about every dad in USAGreetings' large collection.

Father's Day Regards.com
There's nothing conventional (read: boring) about dad. And so the greeting card he gets for Father's Day should be outstanding (read: weird), too.

FunUtilities.com Father's Day eCards
You can wish a happy Father's Day in green, red, orange or blue; with a car, a tie, flowers or a simple note. FunUtilities.com has friendly cards for many kinds of dads.

Free Web Cards Father's Day eCards
The Father's Day cards at Free Web Cards are simple yet nice and fitting yet charming.

GreetingSpring Father's Day Ecards
Looking for fun and inspiration in more dimensions than two? GreetingSpring offers the illusion of 3D, and delivers real Father's Day greetings, of course.

GroupCard Father's Day Cards
You can send one of the beautiful, fun and enthralling Father's Day greetings at GroupCard alone, of course, and by email. You can also, the name says it, let others sign your card, though, and even have it printed.

Hallmark.com Father's Day E-Cards
It's not the biggest collection of Father's Day cards and not the fanciest, but Hallmark.com is full of high-quality e-cards for high-quality dads.

Heartlight Father's Day HeartCards
It's a small but wonderful collection of inspirational Father's Day greeting cards that you can find at Heartlight.

HiGreetings.com Father's Day Cards
Soft and lighthearted, HiGreetings.com Father's Day cards deliver lovely greetings.

Hipster Cards Father's Day Ecards
Leaning on the sarcastic side, Hipster Card's Father's Day greetings are perfect for any dad that can't be all too serious... i.e. for any dad.

Jacquie Lawson Father's Day E-Cards
Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador goes fishing, to Wimbledon, and golfing. These are by no means the only ways Jacquie Lawson's lovely designed Father's Day e-cards greet, relax and delight the receiving father, though.

Jan Brett Father's Day Postcards
Bear-cute and lion-strong: from the pens of illustrator Jan Brett, these post- and e-cards deliver most enticing Father's Day greetings.

JibJab Father's Day eCards
Dad's a fun guy, and insightful, too. So he deserves funny JibJab greetings that are insightful, too.

Katie's Cards Father's Day E Cards
The beautifully drawn and charmingly animated father's day greetings at Katie's cards will make every dad a happy camper — but especially the soccer, rugby or golf players, fishermen and super-dads.

Leanin' Tree Father's Day E-Cards
Just in time for summer's heat, Leanin' Tree lets you send a big fan to dad — or one of the other gorgeous and artistic greeting cards.

Ojolie Father's Day E-Cards
It's a perfect day in serenity and peace for the polar bear. Send your dad such a day with this wonderful Father's Day card from Ojolie.

Paperless Post Father's Day Cards
Dad will not feel the heavy paper's rugged structure on the screen — but he will see it, and, chances are, appreciate the classy cards impressed on it by the Paperless Post.

The Perfect Father's Day Greetings
Clubgreetings.com's Perfect Greetings has animated, funny, interesting and nice ways to tell your dad he's the best in the world.

Plaxo Father's Day eCards
From funny to profound, Plaxo has great Father's Day cards for you to send — even if your dad is not a Plaxo contact.

Sloppy Kiss Dog Cards Father's Day ECards
One milestone after the other or pretty lazy. You've got the choice. The Sloppy Kiss Cards Father's Day e-cards and the dogs in them are cute either way.

Tatty Teddy Father's Day E-Cards
In blue and gray, charmingly hapless Father's Day greetings from Tatty Teddy.

VerveCards Father's Day Greetings
Rap dad, sunny side up or strong silent type? VerveCards has the perfect, surprising, colorful and smart Father's Day greeting card.

Victorian Trading Company Father's Day Greeting Cards
To a man of distinction who is either a fruit or a vegetable, select among surprisingly hilarious or wonderfully nice Victorian era greeting cards.

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