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FastMail Tips, Tricks and Secrets

FastMail is one of the most flexible and powerful email services. Make sure you're making the best use of its many features with these FastMail tips, tricks and secrets.

How to Undelete Emails and Restore Lost Mail in FastMail
Lost, gone and emptied? If you deleted an important email in FastMail and cannot find it in the "Trash" folder either, here's how to undelete and recover by restoring a backup copy of your FastMail account (which has been created for you automatically).

Automatically See Images in Emails from Known Senders in FastMail
Protection from so-called "web bugs" (remote images that can track your opening an email) is good, but do you have to click every time you open your favorite newsletter just to see the images in it?

How to Compose a New Message by Keyboard Shortcut in FastMail
No mouse click will ever be as fast as you, your keyboard and FastMail are creating a new email.

Create a New Message to a Sender Quickly in FastMail
If you have a message from somebody in your FastMail "Inbox", composing a message to its sender is easy.

Create an Email Signature in FastMail
Signatures are the perfect finishing touch of every email. In FastMail, you can create multiple signatures -- one for each occasion.

Create Perfectly Formatted Emails and Replies with FastMail
With FastMail, you can create properly formatted emails (> quotation characters in all the right places, lines perfectly wrapped, and more) easily. Here's how.

Delete a Message Permanently in FastMail Bypassing the Trash
Get rid of nasty emails once for all and all at once. Here's how to delete messages permanently and easily in FastMail instead of moving them to the Trash folder.

Display All and Only Unread Mail in a Folder in FastMail
Discover unread messages in even the most remote corner or any other FastMail folder with this saved search.

Exclude a Line from Automatic Formatting in FastMail
Prevent FastMail from applying its formatting magic to lines you want to keep intact (like poems for example).

File a Message Fast with a Keyboard Shortcut in FastMail
If you're not content with moving messages using the mouse in FastMail, a few strokes on the keyboard can do the same job quickly, too.

How to Check the FastMail Service Status for Issues
Is FastMail down or acting up, or does the problem lie elsewhere? Visit the FastMail system status blog to learn about known issues with the email service and, possibly, when you can expect a resolution.

How to Contact FastMail Support
No mouse click will ever be as fast as you, your keyboard and FastMail are creating a new email.

How to Color Your FastMail Interface Differently with Style Sheets
Looking for a fresh, well, look? FastMail comes with many an alternative style sheet that renders your email experience with different font styles and colors. (You can even set up your own CSS rules.)

How to Delete a FastMail Account
Tired of your FastMail account? Want to get rid of an account you visit only rarely and only to delete all mail? Here's how to delete a FastMail account together with all data associated with it.

How to Create Folders to Organize Mail in FastMail
If your FastMail Inbox threatens to burst and you can't find anything in it, it's time to create new folders for an organized approach to email.

How to Find Mail in FastMail
Simple keyword search or clever combinations of operators: with FastMail search, you can find any email — fast.

How to Log Out of FastMail Sessions Remotely
Do you suspect you may have left FastMail open with messages open to read (or send) for everyone passing by? Find out with FastMail's session management—and log out remotely right now, here and from the browser you are using.

How to Make Replying Only to the Sender the Default Choice in FastMail
With "Reply" the default in FastMail, replying to just the sender is faster and easier to do.

How to Send a Message in Plain Text from FastMail
Look good without adding any formatting to your emails. In FastMail, sending plain text messages is easy, and they'll be formatted just right without your intervention, too.

How to Send Emails Using All Your Email Accounts from FastMail
Use FastMail as your email program, and send messages from any of your accounts — with the correct email address in the From: line — right from FastMail.

How to Use FastMail Keyboard Shortcuts
Who doesn't like shortcuts? Here's how to operate FastMail, well, fast from the keyboard.

How to Use FastMail Securely from a Public Computer
Make sure nobody can access your email account as or after you access it from a public terminal (at an internet café, university or library, for example).

Print a Message in FastMail
FastMail can display emails in a way perfect for printing them (without any unnecessary links or buttons, but with essential header info).

Protect Your Privacy in FastMail
Don't allow spammers to display unwanted images on your screen and prevent senders from finding out that (and when) you opened their messages by not downloading remote images automatically in FastMail.

Turn Off the Message Preview in FastMail
Don't let FastMail spoil the surprise of a new email. Here's how to prevent FastMail from previewing a few lines of the emails before you have opened them.

Use HTML Formatting By Default in Your Emails in FastMail
Make writing emails a rich experience by default in FastMail. Here's how to start all your messages in HTML composition mode automatically.

View the Raw Source of an Email in FastMail
If you want to know what path an email took or what its HTML source looks like, here's how to take a raw look at email messages in FastMail.

Whitelist a Domain in FastMail
Protect all mail from a domain from being caught by FastMail's spam filter.

Write an Email Using Rich HTML Formatting in FastMail
Use your favorite fonts, set the colors in your emails, include pictures and replies in their original layout... Using HTML formatting in FastMail is easy, flexible and fun.

How to View the Raw Source of an Email in FastMail
If you want to know what path an email took or what its HTML source looks like, here's how to take a raw look at email messages in FastMail.

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