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How to Create a Folder to Organize Messages in Eudora


If you communicate with more than one person regularly, then you need more than one folder for your emails to stay organized. Fortunately, creating folders isn't difficult (I'd say it is considerably easier than finding people to communicate with) in Eudora.

Create a Folder to Organize Messages in Eudora

To create a new folder in Eudora:

  • Make sure you can see the Mailboxes window.
    • If you can't see it, select Tools | Mailboxes on Windows and Window | Mailboxes on a Mac.

For a new mailbox on Windows:

  • Click on the folder you want the mailbox to be placed in with the right mouse button.
  • Select New... from the menu.
  • Give the mailbox a name.
  • Click OK.
    • To create a new folder, select the Make it a folder checkbox.

For a new mailbox under Mac OS:

  • Select a folder.
  • Press the New mailbox button.
    • That's the leftmost button at the bottom of the Mailboxes window.
    • This creates a new mailbox inappropriately titled "untitled mailbox."
  • Click on the mailbox once to change its name.

To create a new folder, select a folder and use the New folder button (next to the New mailbox button).

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