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Either you're afraid of doing anything wrong with email — and do nothing, or you're brave to try — and do something wrong. But don't be afraid: this is only email, and these are not all the options. If you know the basic email etiquette (which is easy!) you'll communicate perfectly without offending anyone.
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Email Workshop: 5 Days of Email Etiquette
Learn how to use email without offending anybody, how to format your messages, the right way to reply and forward, and a lot more in lessons coming to you comfortably — via email.

Email Etiquette Rules to Follow
The rules of email etiquette are not "rules" in the sense that I will come after you if you don't follow them. They are guidelines that help avoid mistakes (like offending someone when you don't mean to) and misunderstandings (like being offended when you're not meant to). These core rules of email etiquette help us communicate better via email.

What Email Etiquette Hint Do You Wish Others Would Follow?
Tons of addresses in the "To:" line; no greeting, or words aplenty until the sender gets to the point; forwarded messages that consist of nothing but, well, whatever that is... What irks you most about email etiquette not followed, or followed too much perhaps? What email etiquette hint do you most wish others would follow?

Bacn - Definition
Bacn is desired email not from a personal contact such as newsletters. Bacn is best consumed in bulk.

Sending an Email to Multiple Recipients - Cc: and Bcc: - About Email
Use Cc and Bcc to send an email to more than one person easily and fast.

The Case for Properly Attributing Quotations in Emails
Do you always know who said what in an email that contains quotes from more than one person? Here's an approach to quoting text in emails that makes sure it is always clear who authored a passage.

"Overcome Email Overload with Microsoft Outlook" by Kaitlin Duck Sherwood
"Overcome Email Overload" is an essential book for the efficiency-minded email user.

Email Pet Peeves That Stress Out Your Recipients
Certain email practices can actually cause additional stress to your recipients and make you seem unprofessional or even annoying! See if you are guilty of any of these email etiquette breaches. You'll wish everyone you know would read this list, too!

Threadjacking Definition
Threadjacking means to take over an email conversation. Find threadjacking defined here.

Use Email Message Priorities
All email messages are important. But some are more important than others, and indicating that can help us communicate better.

Job Search Email Message Examples - About Job Searching
Resolved to write but uncertain what to write? Alison Doyle provides many a sample email message for the job searching process: from cover letters to thank-you notes to signatures, subject lines and job applications.

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