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Write Short Messages in the Subject Only


Sometimes, messages we send are very short ("Spare apples in room 407" for example). They are so short that they fit in an email's Subject header perfectly.

While there is no reason to repeat the very message in the body of the mail, you should tell the recipient that the subject is already the message. Most email clients display a summary of mailboxes containing at least the sender and — the subject.

Write Short Messages in the Subject Only

To convey to the recipient that they need not open the message, you should

  • put "(EOM)" (End Of Message) at the end of the Subject line.
    • If the subject exceeds a few words — and will likely not fit in the restricted space, say, on a phone's display —, you can also put the indicator at the beginning; this is not as unambiguously ending the message, however, and the recipient likely will open the email fully in any event.

You can also use "(SIM)" (Subject Is Message) or any other convention you coin, but EOM is the most commonly understood indicator.

(Updated August 2013)

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