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Top 38 Favorite Christmas E-Cards and E-Card Sites


Picture a silent street in the evening, covered thick and white. Can you hear the snow crunch under your feet? Picture a tree trimmed beautifully for Christmas. Can you hear the children laugh and play? Picture a hill, just perfect for sledding. Can you feel the anticipation mixed with sudden outbursts of amazement?

You can send all this, and more, with wintry and festive Christmas e-cards. Here are my favorite sites to compose and send them. You can also send free Christmas cards from this site, complete with a short poem or holiday quotation:

(Updated January 2013)

1. Ojolie - Christmas E-Cards

Hand-painted and animated with incredible attention to details and nuances, the Ojolie Christmas card brings holiday spirit to every home by means of angel dust.

2. Katie's Cards - Christmas E-Cards

Angelic, harmonious, idyllic and celebratory: Katie's Cards wonderful and lovingly crafted Christmas e-cards are all that and more (fun, energetic, surprising and heart-warming, for example).

3. Punchbowl - Christmas E-Cards

Mold-made paper and ink that you can feel? Punchbowl is almost as good — and the greetings travel the world in seconds. Christmas cards at Punchbowl resemble traditional paper greetings, come in many a beautiful fashion and let you pick the postage and rubber stamping, envelope lining, typography and, of course, words (or, in some cases, picture).

4. Jacquie Lawson - Christmas E-Cards

Chudleigh the chocolate Labrador introduces the picturesque scenery and beautiful people of Lurgashall in West Sussex, England, who wish a heartfelt and very classy "Happy Christmas" with amazing e-cards.

5. American Greetings - Christmas E-Cards

Whether you are looking for spiritual greeting cards, want to send one to a group or want to add your own photo; whether the card is for your love or your pet; whether you greetings should be in carols or a foreign language: AmericanGreetings.com has beautiful cards for all occasions.

6. VerveCards - Christmas E-Cards

Colors, colors and Christmas: VerveCards delivers greetings unique in most glorious a manner with enthusiasm and wit. The cards are so gripping they don't need animations — or sending the recipient hunting for their card on a site for that matter.

7. JibJab - Christmas E-Cards

You can put yourself (or whatever picture you fancy) in many of the rich and lavish JibJab Christmas cards — but they're great fun even without such adornment.

8. Leanin' Tree - Christmas E-Cards

Wonderfully drawn and charmingly tacky, Leanin' Tree cards lets you send Christmas greetings bound to spread your joy and anticipation.

9. Jan Brett Postcards - Christmas E-Cards

Who's that sending for Christmas Eve? Who's that composing a lovely Christmas greeting with a hand-drawn picture straight from illustrator Jan Brett's talented hand?

10. Christmas | Vladstudio.com - Christmas E-Cards

Ingenious digital artistry makes wonderful Christmas cards (and desktop wallpapers, too).

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