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Top 38 Favorite Christmas E-Cards and E-Card Sites


31. carlsenCards - Christmas E-Cards

Rudolph, the red-nosed cat and the other merry animals at carlsenCards.com wish a happy, funny Christmas in happy, funny e-cards.

32. Regards.com - Christmas E-Cards

Flashing into the snowy light that is Christmas, the holiday cards at Regards.com are eager to deliver seasonal greetings. Regards.com not only has many nice images and animations to choose from but also a small but interesting international section.

33. CowrieCards - Christmas E-Cards

It's a small but special collection of Christmas cards you will find at CowrieCards.

34. Earth Ecards - Christmas E-Cards

Christmas greetings from deep space and dear trees with a somewhat different twist: Earth Ecards.

35. Sloppy Kiss Cards - Christmas E-Cards

The dogs of Sloppy Kiss Cards shop for presents, decorate the tree and travel the world in lovely Christmas e-cards and for the dog lover's delight.

36. HiGreetings.com - Christmas E-Cards

At HiGreetings, you can have and send your Christmas cards with formal outfit, religious motives, animals, classic themes and much more.

37. Deepestfeelings - Christmas E-Cards

Santa, Santa everywhere! But Santa cards are not all you can find at Deepestfeelings.com. No, there are also nice Christmas cards for the family, gorgeous religious cards and ways to express your best Christmas wishes.

38. USAGreetings - Christmas E-Cards

There are many, many ways to "enjoy the holidays" with "loads of fun" and Christmas cards from USAGreetings. You may have to scroll, stroll and search a bit, but there's a wonderful holiday greeting card for just about everybody.

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