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Top 34 Favorite Birthday E-Card Sites


Honor the days on which special people in your life were born. Do something creative and unexpected, and send an e-card maybe. Which, of course, can be very unexpectedly creative!

Here are some of my favorite birthday greeting card sites, some of them free. Remember you can also send, for free, some birthday cards from this site, complete with short poems or quotations:

1. Ojolie - Birthday E-Cards

An amazing lovable seal delivers heartfelt birthday greetings with big eyes.

2. Jacquie Lawson - Birthday E-Cards

Beautifully drawn and meticulously animated, Jacquie Lawson's greeting cards make every birthday a happy, fun and special event.

3. JibJab - Birthday E-Cards

Birthdays should be fun. If they are not, it might be because the JibJab greeting, the hilarious, the rich, the splendid JibJab greeting is missing. (Some cards can be rendered even funnier if you put your picture in them.)

4. Hallmark - Birthday E-Cards

Choose from some of the very best birthday greeting cards at Hallmark.com.

5. Americangreetings.com - Birthday E-Cards

The stream of wonderful birthday cards coming out of Americangreetings.com is sheer never-ending. Minutely categorized, chances are you will find the right card for your celebrated friend. Some cards can be sent for free.

6. Vintage Birthday Postcards - Birthday E-Cards

Meticulously drawn, lovely designed and crafted well, the timeless birthday postcards at CardCow.com make great birthday e-cards as well.

7. GroupCard - Birthday E-Cards

Countless cards, one done better than the other, are not all that lures at GroupCard: true to its name, GroupCard lets you invite friends to sign the birthday card before it's sent.

8. Katie's Cards - Birthday E-Cards

Fisher, gardener, golfer? Cat, dog, dove? Rugby, soccer, scuba? Katie's Cards has wonderfully crafted and lovingly animated birthday greetings for all these themes and more.

9. VerveCards - Birthday E-Cards

Heads flip and turn for sure when you send a VerveCards birthday greeting with flashing colors, enticing design and witty message. The cards are so gripping themselves that they don't need animations or send the recipient hunting to a web site.

10. Tatty Teddy - Birthday E-Cards

Charming Tatty Teddy brings cakes and presents, balloons and candles, and flowers and—greetings.

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